House Prayer

As good as it was to get away for a few hours Josh and I were also told some pretty upsetting news about our house. We have been preparing to close on this house tomorrow. But of course that is not going to happen now. Basically the bank which owns the property (it's a foreclosure) have to finish documents with the previous owners of the house, even though they don't own it. It's all a very frustrating situation to say the least. Our bank was not aware of the situation, neither was our realtor and of course we had no clue. It almost feels as if the bank that owns the house tried to play us somehow and for whatever reason is leaving this up until the last minute and we are just now finding out about it.
 I think the questions going over in our heads at this point are along the lines of;

Why was this left until the last minute? 
Why are we finding out about this now? 
Why us? 

Our realtor told us he has only had this happen with one other couple he has worked with, so it is very frustrating to even know those facts. So as of right now we are looking at one to two weeks until we get the keys. So basically we have no time to clean up the place before we move in like we planned or rip up the carpet for the flooring we have now. Oh and my father-in-law had to postpone his trip down to help us with these things as well, which means we don't know if he will be able to come now.

 My (Our) faith is in God and his everlasting wisdom. Patience is hard, but that is what we are having to do. We are going to be contacting the title company and banks to explain our frustration with the situation in hopes this will not happen again to another couple.
Please pray we are out of our apartment by May 1st. That is when our lease is up and we can't afford to double up on rent/mortgage. Please pray for patience. Also, please pray for all of our anger and frustration to be taken away.

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  1. Oh Ana, dear, I am so sorry to hear that your plans are suddenly changing!!! Just remember that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and it will all work itself out the way that its meant to! I will be thinking about you! Keep me updated with how things go!!!
    I love you, friend!!


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