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Our house has been a hot topic in our lives as of late. Seriously, it's been on fire!
I'll give you the skinny on basically what's up right now. We found out this whole process to
'clean' up the title of the house in order for us to purchase it could take anywhere from three days to a month. Talk about a dragggg. Yeah...

Two days ago Josh and I decided to tell the our realtor to tell the bank trying to 'clean' up the title, if they hadn't finished the title by Tuesday, April 26th at Noon in order for us to sign papers we were going to pull out and find another place to sign a 12 month lease and not buy the house. Needless to say our realtor was NOT happy. Either way it was not up to him. We are tired of being dragged around and not being informed about whats going on. Josh and I aren't exactly the type of people to do this to.

Well today we confirmed the Tuesday date and also came up with the idea of going month-by-month at our current apartment buildings (since our lease is up on May 1st) hence having to sign a new lease somewhere else. The only thing with going month-by-month is it costs us $400 more. Which is outrageous. Our realtor is going to try and convince the bank to pay the extra $400 in order for them to get their act together to clean up the title and we aren't losing money. Crossing our fingers this works. If not then we are officially pulling out of this house on Tuesday if they aren't done with the paperwork.

Hopefully this house is what God has in His ultimate plan for us because otherwise I don't know what else to pray for at this time.

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