June Challenge

Have you heard of Kelle Hampton? No? Her blog is called, "Enjoying the Small Things."
If you have YET to check it out, it is a must read. Her writing and photography is amazing.
I only wish for half her talent in each of those fields one day. Especially photography. Her girls are beautiful. Her heart is full. I don't normally enjoy extremely popular blogs, (over 13,000 followers!!) but I keep reading, I am addicted to her writing. It is extraordinary! Her story is so unique to. Simply astonishing. She paints such a vivid story with every post about her daily life, truly makes it come to life on a daily basis.
If you have yet to read her story, start with the story of their second daughter Nella HERE. Grab some tissues to, especially if you are a crier like myself.

Anyway, I'm not going to write about her story. I'm telling you about her challenge. She is challenging us with the month of June as doing something you have yet to complete. Paint that wall you've been meaning to finish, finish that craft project you started, lose those last 5 pounds you have to shed. Do it, you know you can.

Who's with me? Let me know what you think of her story and blog. Let me know where your at with her challenge. I'll keep you updated on my progress if you update me on yours. Deal?

Check out her photos! Aren't they amazing??
Image via Kelle Hampton

Image via Kelle Hampton

Image via Kelle Hampton 


Absent Minded

Please take this as my sincerest apology for being absent from the blogging world as of late.
Josh and I have officially given up our house search, praise Jesus! I am very much thrilled! Sounds odd after all these months of searching. Overall we have look at around 35 houses total. We are burnt OUT. DONE.
So now we have started unpacking our apartment again. Yep, unpacking, we have been living in a packed up apartment for about a month and a half now. Boxes everywhere. It has been a nightmare. Time to redecorate, reorganize and rearrange! I feel the need to purge everything now. :)

Take a look at our stash of boxes so far which we have emptied.
Sadly only part of the boxes.
On a happier note, I got my hair cut. What do you think??
She thinned it out A LOT. I love it.
Josh and I have been spending some MUCH needed time together, we are going to go camping together this weekend. We also laid out by the pool together last Monday. It was glorious! Even if he did burn like a lobster.

Oh glorious sunshine. Taking advantage of ALL Vegas has to offer.
Lastly, since we can't find Adam's Peanut Butter ANYWHERE in the Las Vegas valley, we order it online from Smuckers. Josh has been going through the normal 16 oz jars in about three days per jar, so I decided to buy the big boy jars this time at a whooping 36 oz!! Yes we are crazy. Yes it is crazy good peanut butter. Anyway, we actually have friends in Chicago that order it from Smuckers too because they can't find it there either.
Here's the comparison 16oz to 36oz. When ordering online it only comes in 6 packs.
So that is pretty much the latest updates from this end of town. Probably won't blog anytime soon as we will be out of town this weekend camping. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day.


Le Sigh.

"My God My God, Why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from saving me, from the words of my groaning? O my God, I cry by day, but you do not answer, and by night, but I find no rest.
Yet, you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel. In you our fathers trusted; they trusted and you delivered them. To you they cried and were rescued; in you they trusted and were not put to shame." 
Psalm 22: 1-5

Life is hard. It's tough. We are given trials and tribulations to go through on a daily basis sometimes. At least it seems like that as of late. I don't understand His reasoning sometimes or His ultimate timing, sometimes it's hard to have faith too.

God has a reason, He must.
Lots of praying this week, lot's of trust.

Last week on facebook I had this as my status 'Umm...In Shock...Wow.'
Our previous realtor's (we left them) contacted us last Friday saying the bank wanted to suddenly sell the Gardenia Flower Ave property to us again. The title had been cleaned up and it was good to go. In fact, they wanted to close immediately, as in Friday. Same day we got the phone call. One minor detail, our loan expired over a month ago. We would have to restart the loan process all over again in order to do this, which could take up to another 45 days. What we wanted from the bank if we were to go ahead with this was a guarantee from them in writing saying they would not back out again at the last minute like they did last time. With what they did to us last time, we wanted to make sure we were not going to lose money again if we were about to jump in feet first again with the same property and sellers.
Well funny story, yesterday (Monday) we got a call, the bank said, "NO" to the guarantee. No written guarantee saying they wouldn't back out. Obviously they are not very desperate to sell if they won't sign a piece of paper saying they won't back out.

We ALSO had an offer on a different house and we found out today they rejected it. Sigh...

So back to square one. Don't know if we are going to keep pursuing our dream of becoming home owners or just stay renters for a while longer. To say I am tired of the game would be an understatement.
I am frustrated, annoyed, wanttocry, running-low-on-steam and desperate to get away. We keep getting so close, but it keeps slipping from our grasps.
Via EvaluationStation

We can do this together babe. Image take by Shadari Moon Photography

That's how I feel. Sorry if this is long, sorry if I sound upset.


Scrumptious times2!

So I know I have reviewed softlysweetly's marshmallow's before, but I feel like I need to do it again.
They are just delectable. I think I may have a problem. Our house buying situation has gotten even more complicated (pray. for. us.) and stressful and I thought, what do we need...marshmallow's will do the trick. Of course Rachael's shop is my go-to for any marshmallow, even if I have to wait.
Have you tried them yet? You have to?

Any-who, this time I went all out. I bought the three marshmallow sampler plus two other types:
(you can click on the names for a direct link)

  • Coffee & Chocolate : Self-explanatory, This marshmallow is delicious. Lick your fingers delight. 
  • Lavender : Never had lavender flavored anything, this was awesome. Different but again, delicious and not overpowering. 
  • Peanut Butter : I didn't try these. But this is a direct quote from my husband (bought them for him). "If you take jiffy and put some sugar on top, that is what these taste like." He LOVES peanut butter, me not so much. These were for him. 
  • Dark Chocolate Raspberry :My husband and I are HUGE dark chocolate fans and these hit the spot just right. Perfect combo of fruity to chocolate.
Have I convinced you yet? No? Okay well you have forced me to put photo's up then.

This SHOULD last me days...but it won't.

I like to tease the dog...a lot.

Always has the prettiest packaging. Simple, yet elegant.

This is not so elegant...but he did enjoy the marshmallow.

The one with chocolate is the Dark Chocolate Raspberry. SO good.

Peanut Butter. Check out that swirl!
Check out here shop on etsy HERE
"Like" her on facebook HERE

Let me know what you think if you try them. 



I thought this was a cute idea. Anna from Adventures with Jason and Anna gave me the idea. Look back at photos of yourself in the past few years to see how much you have changed.
Sadly because I keep my computer pretty up to date with photos I'm having to pull out my hard drive to find these pictures.

I haven't changed very much. At least I don't think so. At work I still get asked if I am 16 years old. Which currently is slightly annoying, in 10 years will come in very handy. Hehe. What's your opinion? What hair style looks best? Has it changed much at all?

Who will do this next?



I am doing the Happy Monday photo challenge over at Allie Photography!
This weeks theme is:

Here is my entry! Enjoy. 
Captured at the Academy of Art Museum in Golden Gate Park


The Human Experience

So I am kind of a closet nerd. Kind of not. Maybe? I have a slight obsession with documentaries and independent movies (Indie's). Slight, might not be the right word for this obsession....
Anyway...I've recently come across my Netflix queue on the documentary called,

The story is about a group of brothers who travel to various places in the world for for human experiences. They go to the streets of New York in the middle of winter to learn what it's like to be homeless. They travel to disabled children in Peru, this part just breaks my heart. A little boy born with only one leg is shown there and a little girl beaten by her father (before arriving at the home) daily almost to death is also there. Lastly, the brothers fly to Ghana, Africa for the most disregarded people, the Lepers. The humility in their own lives these brothers encounter and life changes they happen upon is portrayed wonderfully in the documentary.
If you have netflix online, go check it out! Also, it has won 30 film honors. Now you HAVE to go see it!
Photo via Image Shack



Happy Mama's Day Mama. 
I love you. I'm sorry we can't be up there to spend it with you.

Sorry your package didn't arrive in time. But I love you. Your my hero Mama. I look up to you very much. Everything you have gone through in life has made you a strong person in your faith in God, Dad and your family. It has also made me a stronger person because you are strong. Thank you Mom for always being a good example for your children.
Your a beautiful, loving, caring, nurturing woman of faith. 

I love you Mama.

Ce La Vie

With out realizing, after my trip I seem to have not posted about my Mother's and My four day stop in Paris, France. Well better late then never. Before we hit Romania for our huge surprise, we had a four day 'pit-stop' to be giddy touristy girls and GO.
Mama and I would be up from 8a.m. until 6p.m. walking everywhere! It's was wonderful!

My beautiful Mama

View From Sacre-Coeur

We were art shopping in Montmartre

The gate from our hotel room



Candles inside Notre-Dam

Prayers from all over the world inside Notre-Dam

Easter Island Egg.

One of my favorite photos of my Mama

Le Tour Eiffel et Mama et Moi

The largest painting the Louvre has and myself for comparison

I MASTERED the metro when I was there.
Mama and I had a blast! We started reminiscing about returning as soon as our plane took off. Josh and I plan to visit sometime in the future. After he saw the Hotel de Invalids museum I think he has got to take a visit with me. Oh man and the baguettes! Delicious!

Oh Napolean you are so Ornery

These were so cool! The helmets had different faces on them!
Hope you enjoyed my little recap from January! Sorry for the long overdue!