Absent Minded

Please take this as my sincerest apology for being absent from the blogging world as of late.
Josh and I have officially given up our house search, praise Jesus! I am very much thrilled! Sounds odd after all these months of searching. Overall we have look at around 35 houses total. We are burnt OUT. DONE.
So now we have started unpacking our apartment again. Yep, unpacking, we have been living in a packed up apartment for about a month and a half now. Boxes everywhere. It has been a nightmare. Time to redecorate, reorganize and rearrange! I feel the need to purge everything now. :)

Take a look at our stash of boxes so far which we have emptied.
Sadly only part of the boxes.
On a happier note, I got my hair cut. What do you think??
She thinned it out A LOT. I love it.
Josh and I have been spending some MUCH needed time together, we are going to go camping together this weekend. We also laid out by the pool together last Monday. It was glorious! Even if he did burn like a lobster.

Oh glorious sunshine. Taking advantage of ALL Vegas has to offer.
Lastly, since we can't find Adam's Peanut Butter ANYWHERE in the Las Vegas valley, we order it online from Smuckers. Josh has been going through the normal 16 oz jars in about three days per jar, so I decided to buy the big boy jars this time at a whooping 36 oz!! Yes we are crazy. Yes it is crazy good peanut butter. Anyway, we actually have friends in Chicago that order it from Smuckers too because they can't find it there either.
Here's the comparison 16oz to 36oz. When ordering online it only comes in 6 packs.
So that is pretty much the latest updates from this end of town. Probably won't blog anytime soon as we will be out of town this weekend camping. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day.

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