Ce La Vie

With out realizing, after my trip I seem to have not posted about my Mother's and My four day stop in Paris, France. Well better late then never. Before we hit Romania for our huge surprise, we had a four day 'pit-stop' to be giddy touristy girls and GO.
Mama and I would be up from 8a.m. until 6p.m. walking everywhere! It's was wonderful!

My beautiful Mama

View From Sacre-Coeur

We were art shopping in Montmartre

The gate from our hotel room



Candles inside Notre-Dam

Prayers from all over the world inside Notre-Dam

Easter Island Egg.

One of my favorite photos of my Mama

Le Tour Eiffel et Mama et Moi

The largest painting the Louvre has and myself for comparison

I MASTERED the metro when I was there.
Mama and I had a blast! We started reminiscing about returning as soon as our plane took off. Josh and I plan to visit sometime in the future. After he saw the Hotel de Invalids museum I think he has got to take a visit with me. Oh man and the baguettes! Delicious!

Oh Napolean you are so Ornery

These were so cool! The helmets had different faces on them!
Hope you enjoyed my little recap from January! Sorry for the long overdue!

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