The Human Experience

So I am kind of a closet nerd. Kind of not. Maybe? I have a slight obsession with documentaries and independent movies (Indie's). Slight, might not be the right word for this obsession....
Anyway...I've recently come across my Netflix queue on the documentary called,

The story is about a group of brothers who travel to various places in the world for for human experiences. They go to the streets of New York in the middle of winter to learn what it's like to be homeless. They travel to disabled children in Peru, this part just breaks my heart. A little boy born with only one leg is shown there and a little girl beaten by her father (before arriving at the home) daily almost to death is also there. Lastly, the brothers fly to Ghana, Africa for the most disregarded people, the Lepers. The humility in their own lives these brothers encounter and life changes they happen upon is portrayed wonderfully in the documentary.
If you have netflix online, go check it out! Also, it has won 30 film honors. Now you HAVE to go see it!
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  1. There is a show on (I think) Discovery Channel called Human Planet. It is basicaly like Planet Earth, but it is about people around the world and what their lives consist of. A-mazing show! Tommy and I actually bought it because it is just incredible to see what other people around the world accomplish with their bare hands.
    You might like it!


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