June Challenge

Have you heard of Kelle Hampton? No? Her blog is called, "Enjoying the Small Things."
If you have YET to check it out, it is a must read. Her writing and photography is amazing.
I only wish for half her talent in each of those fields one day. Especially photography. Her girls are beautiful. Her heart is full. I don't normally enjoy extremely popular blogs, (over 13,000 followers!!) but I keep reading, I am addicted to her writing. It is extraordinary! Her story is so unique to. Simply astonishing. She paints such a vivid story with every post about her daily life, truly makes it come to life on a daily basis.
If you have yet to read her story, start with the story of their second daughter Nella HERE. Grab some tissues to, especially if you are a crier like myself.

Anyway, I'm not going to write about her story. I'm telling you about her challenge. She is challenging us with the month of June as doing something you have yet to complete. Paint that wall you've been meaning to finish, finish that craft project you started, lose those last 5 pounds you have to shed. Do it, you know you can.

Who's with me? Let me know what you think of her story and blog. Let me know where your at with her challenge. I'll keep you updated on my progress if you update me on yours. Deal?

Check out her photos! Aren't they amazing??
Image via Kelle Hampton

Image via Kelle Hampton

Image via Kelle Hampton 

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