Scrumptious times2!

So I know I have reviewed softlysweetly's marshmallow's before, but I feel like I need to do it again.
They are just delectable. I think I may have a problem. Our house buying situation has gotten even more complicated (pray. for. us.) and stressful and I thought, what do we need...marshmallow's will do the trick. Of course Rachael's shop is my go-to for any marshmallow, even if I have to wait.
Have you tried them yet? You have to?

Any-who, this time I went all out. I bought the three marshmallow sampler plus two other types:
(you can click on the names for a direct link)

  • Coffee & Chocolate : Self-explanatory, This marshmallow is delicious. Lick your fingers delight. 
  • Lavender : Never had lavender flavored anything, this was awesome. Different but again, delicious and not overpowering. 
  • Peanut Butter : I didn't try these. But this is a direct quote from my husband (bought them for him). "If you take jiffy and put some sugar on top, that is what these taste like." He LOVES peanut butter, me not so much. These were for him. 
  • Dark Chocolate Raspberry :My husband and I are HUGE dark chocolate fans and these hit the spot just right. Perfect combo of fruity to chocolate.
Have I convinced you yet? No? Okay well you have forced me to put photo's up then.

This SHOULD last me days...but it won't.

I like to tease the dog...a lot.

Always has the prettiest packaging. Simple, yet elegant.

This is not so elegant...but he did enjoy the marshmallow.

The one with chocolate is the Dark Chocolate Raspberry. SO good.

Peanut Butter. Check out that swirl!
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Let me know what you think if you try them. 

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