A few of my favorite things.

I have recently discovered Pinterest. Won't lie, I am obsessed. I love it! 
Here is another issue of, "A few of my favorite things." I'm thinking about making this a
weekly Friday issue. What do you all think? Well here we go.
Sweet Escape Belted Olive Dress from Ruche

Hinted Florals Maxi Dress from Free People
(I am OBSESSED with that Free People dress! )

The Duchess jeweled bracelet from Dreamy Vintage

Vintage Mason Jar Soap Dispenser from Post Road Vintage
Hope your all having a great weekend! 



Hello my here abandoned little blog. Are you ok? Did I hurt your feelings? 
I up and took a blogger-break. I think I needed time to sort out my own thoughts and feelings from the past few months. Needless to say the hub's and I got away to the bay area in California last weekend and the getaway was divine, if I do say so myself. In fact, sadly I took no photos. None, at all. I put the camera, iPhone and blog aside for a little time with my husband. It was amazing. I'm sorry I took a break without any warning. I didn't mean to, it sort of happened. Do things sort of happen to you?Any-who, I'm back. I'm ready to blog LOTS. :) Only a few posts away from the 200 mark! Woo-hoo!