A Few of My Favorite Things...

Another Friday rendition of favorites! I have been super busy with my sisters this week. It's been a blast to hang out with them. This Friday favorites is dedicated to siblings. Enjoy!

Cameo of Children via Daisy Supplies
Wouldn't this Cameo make a sweet necklace? I just love the details in it. 

Antique photo of siblings via Vintage Memory Chest
I love antique photos and this one is just so sweet. Although growing up with four sisters CAN'T be easy....teehee

Tutus via TutuSisters
Now if I were under 10 I would TOTALLY be rocking a tutu everyday! Who am I kidding? Give me one and I'll show you how to rock it! Love these fun and colorful tutus. I would have a blast!
Necklace via Chipmunk Hollow
Isn't this so sweet? "Friends by choice, sisters by chance." I just adore this necklace. Might have to keep this in mind around birthdays or holidays. Hmmm....

By the Sea via Vickie Wade
 I can specifically remember going out to the ocean with my sisters and poking in the tidepools and trying to get a reaction out of the starfish stuck on the rocks. This painting is so sweet and precious I would just cherish it. I am head over heels in love with Vicki Wade's artwork. Definitely check her out!

Have a happy Friday and a delightful weekend to you all! I am off to spend the rest of the week with my sisters, until they fly off tomorrow. 



I know I have never formally expressed it here, but later than never is just as good. Right? 
When I went to Kenya in 2006 as a missionary with a small group, I left my heart there. Kenya has a piece of me I will never get back. From the landscape, to the people, to the food and especially the energy, there is nothing like Africa. I fell in love. Needless to say I have yet to go back, but I do plan on it someday. To be quite honest with you, I wish I could live there temporarily. It would be amazing. 

Another thing has been on my heart since returning has been, adoption. My prayer for Josh and myself is to have children, of course. But my prayer includes adopting a child, or two as well. It is so important to me this happens. Now I don't know if Josh and myself are ready to have children yet, but eventually when it does happen I know all will be apart of God's plan.
Jesus even said in Matthew 19:14,
" 14 But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”"

I believe every child should be given a chance into God's Kingdom. All children are loved by God the same. He is our Abba, Father, Redeemer and Savior. I hope I will be just as great of a parent to our future kids as my Heavenly Father has been to me. I know I will make mistakes, but who doesn't?

If you have yet to read the Owen Family blog, "Good To Be Crazy" please do. It is amazing. The writing about their adoption process is so eloquent and straight forward, it brought me to tears.  Also check out the organization they started called "Sixty Feet" about bringing hope and restoration to imprisoned children in Africa. It didn't come to my knowledge until now, policeman imprison young children in Africa simply because they beg and that looks 'bad' in the city. Children are not given a chance at survival. They are simply thrown in jail. The Owen Family started this organization after they adopted their own children from Uganda which had been thrown in jail for over a year.

If you have a few minutes of your day, please, please, please check out both of those links. The stories will touch your heart, like they have touched mine. I promise.


A few of my favorite things

Another Friday of Favorites! Hope your as excited as I am! 
Today's rendition will be dedicated towards making our guest bedroom more homey. 

Beautiful Vintage Frame via PinkCobWeb

Shabby Chic nightstand via Painted Cottage
Wouldn't this memo board be pretty for photos? Via Lemonade Makin' Mama
Is she pretty? I want her bad. Via Shabby Chic Cottage
I'm starting to sense a color trend here...Hmmm
 Hope you all enjoyed another Friday of Favorites here. 
Now to go dream of the room putting itself together....sigh. 



I really want to be doing this right now:

Source: zadan.nl via Erin on Pinterest

But instead I am doing this:

(Minus the cat of course....add a cute puggle in there instead.
And a blanket. And tissues. And...oh I'll spare you the rest. )

When I close my eyes and dream, I dream of this:

Getting off this couch and going where my heart desires...

But currently those are in my dreams and I will be headed to Greece behind my eyelids next. 
Dream with me okay? 
While I am kicking my sinus infection and bronchitis in the bum! Blech. 


Dancing Willow Photography

Hello there friends! 
I would like to introduce to you....
Drum Roll Please-----
My good friend Becky is the photographer. 
Her photography is real, life-like and beautiful.
She has just started up 'officially' (doesn't that sound awesome? It's "official")

If you like photography in general please 'like' her on facebook and check out 
her shop on Etsy 'HERE.'
She is currently having 10% off on all of her prints. 

Here are a few of her photos-
Is this photo pretty? I want it so bad! LOVE beach photos.

Doesn't this look so serene?

Wish I could get lost in a field of daisies....-swoon-

I could just throw on a backpack and some mosquito repellent and go...-dreams-


Anyone Out There?

SO I have had this here little blog for almost a year and a half now. I was just wondering if you all still enjoy it?
Let me know,

mmkay, Thanks!

Wish I could take off....

Pack my bags and leave wherever my heart appeases....
Come away with me in my dreams.

Where would you like to go?


A few of my Favorite things.

It's that time of week again. Hope you haven't been missing it too much.

I have worn out quite a few of my shorts and skirts lately, therefore I needed to replace them. I've scoured TJ MAXX, Gap and Nordstroms (anniversary sale) for some cute bottoms. Living in scorching Las Vegas, shorts and skirts are a necessity.
Garmet dyed cuffed shorts via Gap
Scored these from the Gap for $9.99. They were originally on sale for $19.99, but there was an additional 50% off! SCORE! I'm enjoying them lots so far. 

Handkerchief Skirt via Gap
Also scored this baby from the Gap for $7.99! Yes! Have I mentioned I like the Gap, a bit? Ok maybe a lot? Well, I do. Their simple pieces I can match with basically anything complete my wardrobe. At one point 80% of my clothing was from the Gap. Sad, but true story. 

Clementine's Embrace via Ruche
I am currently craving these beauties from Ruche. They remind me of a pair my Mother had growing up. Aren't they pretty? 

Sam Edelman 'Peyton' via Nordstrom
Apparently flannel is the new 'in' item in fashion (as long as it doesn't have a plaid print, we're cool). I saw these at Nordstrom today and fell in LOVE. Head over heels -pun intended-.

Zoe Necklace via Tamar
How pretty is this necklace from Tamar on etsy!? It is even named Zoe, one of my favorite names ever! Maybe we were meant to be? ...hmm.. Maybe I should inform my husband of my recent addiction obsession.

A little bit of everything this Friday. 


Too much Too handle!

If you have not seen this video yet, you must. It is worth the 3:55 minutes of your day. I promise it will put a huge smile on your face and make your day SO much better. I have not laughed like this in a long time.


A few of my Favorite things.

I know I skipped out on last weeks edition of "A few of my Favorite things."
I promise I will get better about it. It's my summer goal.
This post will be dedicated to my birthday, which happens to be in a little over a month.
Hey, I like to plan early. Is that so wrong? Here we go folks!

Image via NikonUSA
Isn't she a beauty? I've been dreaming about a digital SLR for years now! Ok...it may have become more of an obsession at this point. She makes my heart skip a few beats faster when I pick her up. Ahhh...she's a beaut.

TOMS via RuggedSole
Kind of like the SLR I've wanted a pair of TOMS for a very long time as well. Everyone that owns a pair say they are so comfortable! I think I have finally narrowed down my style to these Natural Burlap pair for my first pair of TOMS. Next I might have to buy the wedges. DROOL.

Image via Alona Freeman
This vintage bracelet is perfect for my currently summer look! I am in LOVE with it. How adorable is this! Check out Alona Freeman's shop for other current styles. You might fall in love all over again.

Image via FrenchEclectic
Is this dining table sweet? I am just enthralled by it! It's not too vintage and you can dress it up with modern just a bit. The perfect combination for my taste. I love it! Now is anyone willing to pay the $1,640 price tag for my birthday? Hmm..? A girl can dream!

Hope you all have a happy Friday and a delightful weekend!


Hope your fourth was enjoyable! Ours was lots of fun. We went to a friends pool party and were going to attend another friends firework party, but thus I ended up with a killer migraine and resulted in watching fireworks from our third floor apartment. We still ended up with a killer view though. I concluded with an early bedtime and a hefty amount of migraine medication in my system. Not exactly how we wanted to spend our first fourth together, ce la vie.
How was your fourth? I'm hoping enjoyable and migraine-less.

The hub's and I have started Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" budgeting system. So far I am officially declaring it HARD. This girl has never had a harder time NOT using my debit card. The one thing we are not following is pulling out cash for groceries. After a grocery trip we store the receipts in an envelope and deduct the total from the allotted monthly grocery budget we decided on. We pull out cash for everything else though. Our goal is to pay off my car as fast as possible as well as save money for eventually a down payment on a house. We don't know where in the continental U.S. the home will be, but we WILL save money for a down payment. The location is up to the AF and God currently. Hopefully we won't have to go through the same type of fiasco we went through here in Vegas buying a house. I PRAY we don't ever go through that again.

Another update currently is my sister's are coming to visit at the end of the month for a full week! Can you say psyched?? I am so excited! I am taking time off of work to spend it all with them. Hubs and I decided to take them camping so we are slowly acquiring food and supplies for that trip. We have to figure out how to accommodate three more females into my little Mazda 3! YIKES! Or find a truck we could borrow...any takers?

Lastly, I have started couponing! No I am not going to be one of those crazy ladies who buys things she absolutely does NOT need. I am simply just trying to live a bit more reasonable and stick to our budget. During our major grocery buying adventure last week we were able to save $50 on our trip using coupons and sales. Not too bad for my first time! I don't think I will ever be able to buy $500 worth of groceries for like $25, simply because I don't NEED $500 worth of groceries and am not dedicated enough to do that. But I think if I can save at least 30% or so on every trip, that's worth it to me.
Do you coupon? Any tips?

Sorry for the lack of photo's this post. Honestly nothing new is really happening around here, next post I promise for a few pretty things to look at. Keep an eye out!