A few of my Favorite things.

I know I skipped out on last weeks edition of "A few of my Favorite things."
I promise I will get better about it. It's my summer goal.
This post will be dedicated to my birthday, which happens to be in a little over a month.
Hey, I like to plan early. Is that so wrong? Here we go folks!

Image via NikonUSA
Isn't she a beauty? I've been dreaming about a digital SLR for years now! Ok...it may have become more of an obsession at this point. She makes my heart skip a few beats faster when I pick her up. Ahhh...she's a beaut.

TOMS via RuggedSole
Kind of like the SLR I've wanted a pair of TOMS for a very long time as well. Everyone that owns a pair say they are so comfortable! I think I have finally narrowed down my style to these Natural Burlap pair for my first pair of TOMS. Next I might have to buy the wedges. DROOL.

Image via Alona Freeman
This vintage bracelet is perfect for my currently summer look! I am in LOVE with it. How adorable is this! Check out Alona Freeman's shop for other current styles. You might fall in love all over again.

Image via FrenchEclectic
Is this dining table sweet? I am just enthralled by it! It's not too vintage and you can dress it up with modern just a bit. The perfect combination for my taste. I love it! Now is anyone willing to pay the $1,640 price tag for my birthday? Hmm..? A girl can dream!

Hope you all have a happy Friday and a delightful weekend!

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