A few of my Favorite things.

It's that time of week again. Hope you haven't been missing it too much.

I have worn out quite a few of my shorts and skirts lately, therefore I needed to replace them. I've scoured TJ MAXX, Gap and Nordstroms (anniversary sale) for some cute bottoms. Living in scorching Las Vegas, shorts and skirts are a necessity.
Garmet dyed cuffed shorts via Gap
Scored these from the Gap for $9.99. They were originally on sale for $19.99, but there was an additional 50% off! SCORE! I'm enjoying them lots so far. 

Handkerchief Skirt via Gap
Also scored this baby from the Gap for $7.99! Yes! Have I mentioned I like the Gap, a bit? Ok maybe a lot? Well, I do. Their simple pieces I can match with basically anything complete my wardrobe. At one point 80% of my clothing was from the Gap. Sad, but true story. 

Clementine's Embrace via Ruche
I am currently craving these beauties from Ruche. They remind me of a pair my Mother had growing up. Aren't they pretty? 

Sam Edelman 'Peyton' via Nordstrom
Apparently flannel is the new 'in' item in fashion (as long as it doesn't have a plaid print, we're cool). I saw these at Nordstrom today and fell in LOVE. Head over heels -pun intended-.

Zoe Necklace via Tamar
How pretty is this necklace from Tamar on etsy!? It is even named Zoe, one of my favorite names ever! Maybe we were meant to be? ...hmm.. Maybe I should inform my husband of my recent addiction obsession.

A little bit of everything this Friday. 

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