A Few of My Favorite Things...

Another Friday rendition of favorites! I have been super busy with my sisters this week. It's been a blast to hang out with them. This Friday favorites is dedicated to siblings. Enjoy!

Cameo of Children via Daisy Supplies
Wouldn't this Cameo make a sweet necklace? I just love the details in it. 

Antique photo of siblings via Vintage Memory Chest
I love antique photos and this one is just so sweet. Although growing up with four sisters CAN'T be easy....teehee

Tutus via TutuSisters
Now if I were under 10 I would TOTALLY be rocking a tutu everyday! Who am I kidding? Give me one and I'll show you how to rock it! Love these fun and colorful tutus. I would have a blast!
Necklace via Chipmunk Hollow
Isn't this so sweet? "Friends by choice, sisters by chance." I just adore this necklace. Might have to keep this in mind around birthdays or holidays. Hmmm....

By the Sea via Vickie Wade
 I can specifically remember going out to the ocean with my sisters and poking in the tidepools and trying to get a reaction out of the starfish stuck on the rocks. This painting is so sweet and precious I would just cherish it. I am head over heels in love with Vicki Wade's artwork. Definitely check her out!

Have a happy Friday and a delightful weekend to you all! I am off to spend the rest of the week with my sisters, until they fly off tomorrow. 

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