Hope your fourth was enjoyable! Ours was lots of fun. We went to a friends pool party and were going to attend another friends firework party, but thus I ended up with a killer migraine and resulted in watching fireworks from our third floor apartment. We still ended up with a killer view though. I concluded with an early bedtime and a hefty amount of migraine medication in my system. Not exactly how we wanted to spend our first fourth together, ce la vie.
How was your fourth? I'm hoping enjoyable and migraine-less.

The hub's and I have started Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" budgeting system. So far I am officially declaring it HARD. This girl has never had a harder time NOT using my debit card. The one thing we are not following is pulling out cash for groceries. After a grocery trip we store the receipts in an envelope and deduct the total from the allotted monthly grocery budget we decided on. We pull out cash for everything else though. Our goal is to pay off my car as fast as possible as well as save money for eventually a down payment on a house. We don't know where in the continental U.S. the home will be, but we WILL save money for a down payment. The location is up to the AF and God currently. Hopefully we won't have to go through the same type of fiasco we went through here in Vegas buying a house. I PRAY we don't ever go through that again.

Another update currently is my sister's are coming to visit at the end of the month for a full week! Can you say psyched?? I am so excited! I am taking time off of work to spend it all with them. Hubs and I decided to take them camping so we are slowly acquiring food and supplies for that trip. We have to figure out how to accommodate three more females into my little Mazda 3! YIKES! Or find a truck we could borrow...any takers?

Lastly, I have started couponing! No I am not going to be one of those crazy ladies who buys things she absolutely does NOT need. I am simply just trying to live a bit more reasonable and stick to our budget. During our major grocery buying adventure last week we were able to save $50 on our trip using coupons and sales. Not too bad for my first time! I don't think I will ever be able to buy $500 worth of groceries for like $25, simply because I don't NEED $500 worth of groceries and am not dedicated enough to do that. But I think if I can save at least 30% or so on every trip, that's worth it to me.
Do you coupon? Any tips?

Sorry for the lack of photo's this post. Honestly nothing new is really happening around here, next post I promise for a few pretty things to look at. Keep an eye out!

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