If you have yet to get this app on your phone go do so NOW! It's free! I love the photos which come out too. Seriously, you can make a bad photo look BEAUTIFUL. 
Yes I am posting multiple photo challenges today. 
This one is from capture life blog. 
Taken while driving with the sun setting! 

Someone you Love

I am linking up with Allie Photography today for the photo challenge
Someone You Love.
This one is hard for me because I love a lot of people, being the most obvious my wonderful husband. 
My Grandmother
I chose my grandmother. She died last year in November and it's been hard to move past loving someone you looked up to dearly. But she was a wonderful woman and this was one of the last photos I took of her still alive. Her smile conveys so much to me in this photograph. We surprised her with a 70th birthday bash and her WHOLE family showed up..it was blissful. Miss you Mamaia...

{A Photo} Challenge


HomeMade 101

So staying off facebook has been so good to me this past week. It's given me time to reflect on me and my relationship with God, Josh and even myself. Also I have been on pinterest lately (not in place of facebook, cross my heart) and I came across a really cool idea. Making your own detergent. Now I'm all about homemade anything actually, but this was something I really wanted to try. So I found a recipe at The Frugal Girls website and the reviews from other people were great! So off to the store I went!
-Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda
-Oxy-Clean (already had on hand)

I followed their instructions and here is my photo journey through it all.
Disney music is step one.

Correct ingredients are a plus too. Oh and a funnel is SO helpful!

The solution starts to look really creamy and frothy.

Large buckets are helpful in mixing the solution with water

Wish I could take photos of the pouring but it required two hands.
 We put the solution in an empty detergent container. (Oh yeah...that's something you should add to your list to.)
 You wait 24 hours before you can use it so it can thicken up into a gel-like form. I can't wait to try it out, but the reviews sound promising! I'll let you all know.


Birthday Photos

My wonderful husband bought me the camera I have been dreaming about since forever for my birthday/our anniversary. He is so good to me. :) This will be my official FIRST post of just photos. Hope you enjoy me creativity thus far!

My very first photo with my new camera!

For my birthday today he took me to Barnes and Noble
Then we headed up to Charleston

View from Dinner

Cool mountain air is a lovely change

My husband has a knack for it too!

Loving it!

This evening we went out to our favorite view of the city

I had a bit of shutter speed fun

Thus the end of my birthday!

Hope you enjoyed!


A Facebook Siesta

I have been avoiding my blog lately. That's the reality of it. I decided I needed to give my time to more important things as of late. Not to say this here blog isn't important, but I felt as if my husband deserved a bit more attention than this blog.
This verse has been weighing on my heart lately;
Hebrews 13:5 "Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
Every time I have turned on my facebook lately I have seen people say things like, "I'm so happy I get to do ___" or "I love my new ___" and for some reason it's made me very envious. I've been craving things more than normal lately. (Probably doesn't help our anniversary and my birthday are both within a week of each other either.) For the record, I am happy everyone of my friends can do the 'things' they want to or receive the item they have been longing for, but this is causing me to trip in my walk in Christ. 
God has been weighing on my heart to be 'content.' Let me tell you, contentment has been hard to come to terms with. It's not something I'm proud to say I struggle with. But then again, who is proud of their struggles? Struggles are hard to cope with and sometimes they are even painful, but there is always Christ to lean on and tell Him your worries, struggles and heartaches.
...“I will never leave you nor forsake you."...
His words are water to my thirst, sweetness to my heart. Christ is always there when I need Him, but it is MY responsibility to turn to Him during my day. Because of this fact, I am giving up facebook for a week. I need to focus on HIM and my relationships instead of 'facebook.' Facebook will not always be there like He will.  I have given this social networking site way to much of me lately and haven't given Him enough face-time. They say it takes 21 days to start a new habit, well I'm going to start it one week at a time.

I will try and post often here this week of my thoughts,


Pin it!

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? If you haven't you are missing out BIG time. No seriously, if you are in love with any of the following:

-Unique items

You will be hooked INSTANTLY! I know I was. And then I got my friend Becky hooked....and then my friend Brittany got hooked...it's an epidemic. Not that I mind actually.
To get back to it, what IS pinterest you say?

Have you ever saved a picture on your computer or flickr or book and thought to yourself, I'll save this for when I want to use/need/want it? That is what pinterest is. You can save photos of things (literally anything) to what I would like to call almost cork boards on the website. Also, you can follow what other people are 'pinning' based off of similar interests.

It's amazing.


Please find me under the name ana_ohlandt on pinterest!

(Here's a small preview of what you could find on there)

Just a little taste of what you might see on there. :) Start pinning!


Camping and such things involved...

Hello all! So glad your here. No seriously, I am. :) I hope your last week in July was just as good as mine (or better!). I took a whole week off of work to play with the likes of these girls.
Photo taken by me.
Don't they look so excited? They are trying really hard not to smile, I promise.
I'll show you our exciting trip one day at a time.
The first three days they were here we went camping at Mount Charleston. Are you from Las Vegas? Have you been there yet? If you haven't, your missing out on a beautiful adventure just 40 minutes away. I promise it's worth the short drive.
We even relaxed a bit while we were there. 
My little sister Lavinia had a whole tent all to herself...and the dog. Lucky butt! 
I even spotted stalked this little lady sitting so serenely on a log. I later went down there myself to take in the view. 

Our campsite from the log
It was so peaceful up there, I didn't want to leave. 
View from canyon inside Mary Jane Falls
While up on the mountain we even went hiking up to Mary Jane Falls. Normally this time of year the falls are dried up, but we got lucky. :) 
(Please ignore camera strap on this photo, I'm still learning...)

Last night of our trip
How gorgeous is this sunset?! We were blessed with the most beautiful show of colors on our last night up there. 
Thank you Lord for being so awesome! 

P.S. More photos to come this week. 
P.P.S. I'm experimenting with different photo editors. What do you think?