Camping and such things involved...

Hello all! So glad your here. No seriously, I am. :) I hope your last week in July was just as good as mine (or better!). I took a whole week off of work to play with the likes of these girls.
Photo taken by me.
Don't they look so excited? They are trying really hard not to smile, I promise.
I'll show you our exciting trip one day at a time.
The first three days they were here we went camping at Mount Charleston. Are you from Las Vegas? Have you been there yet? If you haven't, your missing out on a beautiful adventure just 40 minutes away. I promise it's worth the short drive.
We even relaxed a bit while we were there. 
My little sister Lavinia had a whole tent all to herself...and the dog. Lucky butt! 
I even spotted stalked this little lady sitting so serenely on a log. I later went down there myself to take in the view. 

Our campsite from the log
It was so peaceful up there, I didn't want to leave. 
View from canyon inside Mary Jane Falls
While up on the mountain we even went hiking up to Mary Jane Falls. Normally this time of year the falls are dried up, but we got lucky. :) 
(Please ignore camera strap on this photo, I'm still learning...)

Last night of our trip
How gorgeous is this sunset?! We were blessed with the most beautiful show of colors on our last night up there. 
Thank you Lord for being so awesome! 

P.S. More photos to come this week. 
P.P.S. I'm experimenting with different photo editors. What do you think?

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