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Have you discovered Pinterest yet? If you haven't you are missing out BIG time. No seriously, if you are in love with any of the following:

-Unique items

You will be hooked INSTANTLY! I know I was. And then I got my friend Becky hooked....and then my friend Brittany got hooked...it's an epidemic. Not that I mind actually.
To get back to it, what IS pinterest you say?

Have you ever saved a picture on your computer or flickr or book and thought to yourself, I'll save this for when I want to use/need/want it? That is what pinterest is. You can save photos of things (literally anything) to what I would like to call almost cork boards on the website. Also, you can follow what other people are 'pinning' based off of similar interests.

It's amazing.


Please find me under the name ana_ohlandt on pinterest!

(Here's a small preview of what you could find on there)

Just a little taste of what you might see on there. :) Start pinning!

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