So this here little blog of mine has reached 200 and ONE posts! Wa-hoo, I'm doing a little jig! I forgot to debut the 200th post, but that doesn't mean the 201st post isn't JUST as important. 
Lately life has been a bit irritating in the health department. This past year I have gotten four, count that, FOUR sinus infections, multiple rashes (which isn't anything new for me) and have gotten bronchitis on top of it all. It's been a pretty ummm, adventurous? year. If I do say so myself. Actually just annoying. Growing up I've always been known to have sensitive skin. As a kid I would get random rashes, whether on my face, arms or stomach. Normally hydrocortisone cream from the doctor would make anything go away pretty quick, with the last rash I had in May/June, that wasn't the case. I tried everything and nothing helped, in fact it spread. (Sorry, not a pretty picture, but it's reality). Well after a little insisting and a referral to an allergist, I have been getting allergy tested since early August. Lots of picking and prodding and needles...blech! Lets just say I don't do so hot with needles (well actually it all gets hot and then things start spinning and and and... You get the picture). For a little over a month I got no results back, with the exception of a mosquito allergy, but that's a duh. Well this past Monday we finally got a few results, I say a few very liberally.

Here is my 'list' of what I am allergic to:
Avocados (I cried)-

Source: google.com via Emily on Pinterest

Oats and Rye-
 (There goes my steel cut oatmeal)

Lentils & Lima Beans-
(Random, I KNOW)

Spinach & Radishes-
(There goes my delicious and healthy sandwich options!)
Source: imgfave.com via Terri on Pinterest

(If I wasn't sobbing before, I am now!)

Beets & Oranges-
 (Our orange juice consumption just took a nosedive! I drank 2-3 glasses a day!)

So there it is. In plain words. I am allergic to everything delicious and good in the world. This is going to be a new lifestyle for me and it's not going to be easy. I had carrot sticks on my lunch break at work today for the first time. I tried to find a salad to eat, but every single one had an item in it I couldn't have. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought. 

Does anyone have any tips? I am willing to take anything at this point. 
Thanks for listening to my rant! 

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  1. The beginning is always hard. finding stuff you can actually eat, reading labels in the grocery store, etc. Luckily pretty much all of those items you are allergic to are always clearly labelend and not called any weird names like dextrose or sorbitol, or... you get the idea :) i say, go spend a whole afternoon on a saturday looking at things you like to eat in the grocery store and make a list of the brand and items that are allergen free for you. once you find out what you can have, it gets A LOT easier. grocery trips are quick and easy, It's just this first hump to get over where everything seems to have the stuff you can't have in it! for salads, go get an iceburg lettuce mix, throw in some crasins, some nuts of your choice, a little feta cheese and then get a creamy based dressing i'm sure there's a ranch or creamy something you can have. poppyseed maybe?(less likely to have olive oil in it, i would double check that olive oil thing btw) It gets better i promise (coming from someone who's done this for years). You can always call and vent to me. I WILL understand :) Love you dear friend and i'll be praying that the transition into a food allergy life will be smooth. Hang in there!!


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