Friday Favorites

Back for another Friday Favorites! Hope your week was splendid and not to overwhelming, exhausting or down right dull! Mine wasn't! It has definitely been an interesting challenge figuring out what I can and cannot eat. As well as frustrating, wring my fingers in the air have a quick break down and result in potato bread, toasted with jam. Does that paint a pretty picture for you? Anyway, we should probably get on with our here previously scheduled program, shall we?

Today's Favorites come not from Etsy, but from my real life store I have a slight MAJOR love affair with......

Drumroll please......prrrrrrr (<---that's my online drumroll) rrrrrrrrrrrr

And the crowds go wild!!! Wait...wrong post. Maybe. 
But yes, the homegoods store. I had never even heard of one until I stepped foot into one here in Las Vegas! Let me tell you, my heart stopped a bit and then speed up REALLY REALLY fast! I fell in goodbyehoneyIwillbepitchingAtent here LOVE.  So without further adieu here are a few photos of my favorite things I took of while I was drooling snail all over the store.
(Disclaimer: These are iPhone photos, sorry for the quality)
I love ANYTHING industrial or vintage looking and this is the BEST of both worlds.

There were quite a few of them for different parts of the home.

I love the galvanized metal on it, it's just the perfect mix of vintage high school and down home country. But the wood is actually more of driftwood, sandy-grey looking. I LOVE it! 

LOVE the rope drawer pulls on this.

Their pillow section is my playground. -Swoon-

I really wanted to take this chair home with me. It was the perfect reading chair!
 Are you drooling yet? 

Driftwood wall

I am DETERMINED to make one of these when we move closer to the ocean. How beautiful is that?! I would hang photos on it vintage frames. 

So there you have my heaven-on-earth of Homegoods. If you find one in your area...GO GO GO! My next adventure is Hobby Lobby. I JUST found out there is one in town (30min away!) and it is an amazing craft store mainly from the east coast and south. Can't wait to show you photos of that trip! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Put your feet up and relax!

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