He must increase, but I must decrease.
(John 3:30)
 This has been going through my head literally all day today, since I woke up at 3 A.M. for work. Yes you read that correctly, 3 A.M.. I've been wondering what this statement means to me all day. At work I have tried to have a good attitude about work and customers. Having this statement in my mind all day has got me think about my previous post. Not knowing what is going to happen to Josh and I and our location situation is still unnerving, but giving it to God and telling Him my worries today has been heartwarming.
Knowing God is going to take control of my life and where I am headed is like a big hug around my life right now. I know it sounds cheesy but it's the way I feel right now. I feel better about the unknown and living in Las Vegas. Although I will always miss the familiarity of 'home' it is nice knowing where my husband is, that's where my home is. Even if I will come across another situation where it is unknown, I know I will always have a home in Jesus. His home is the ultimate home. I can't wait to be there one day. 
Life goes by so fast, sometimes if we just let go of our thoughts, ideas, worries and fears, let Jesus take the reigns of everything, the road becomes much more clear and smooth. There will always be potholes along the way, but as long as we stop to address them and patch them up it will be much easier. Remember not to look behind, because you might miss whats directly in front of you. Living a life full of regrets is not living at all, it's just doing the norm. Nobody is sincerely happy with the 'norm', I promise, we all like a little excitement, joy and happiness in our lives. 
So sorry for the randomness of this post, but sometimes you must get everything off your chest in order for the sun to shine again. Life is so good and I am planning on living it to the fullest. 
I will decrease for you Lord so you can increase in my life. I am your child and I will hold your hand along the road.

Spring turns into summer and the blooms get bigger. Summer turns into fall and critters go into a deep sleep. Fall turns to Winter and our beautiful blooms have been lain to rest. Winter ends and rebirth begins. The cycle is never ending. We must lay to rest the part of our lives not beneficial or healthy to Christs kingdom and our lives, but pray for a rebirth in the same spot and remember to blossom to our fullest potential at the right time. 

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