Christmas Came Early

We are leaving for Seattle, WA on Tuesday morning to spend time with our family for Christmas. So we opened our Christmas presents early. We both had a blast recognizing our blessings and being thankful for thinking of each other. Christ has blessed us in so many ways and we have been trying so hard to return the blessing for others this year. It has been so fulfilling.

I wanted to honor my hubby this year by doing something special. So I went the creative route. I thought, what would be the most meaningful gift he would truly enjoy. That's when I thought of Becky from Farmgirl Paints. She has the most beautiful artwork and such a creative imagination she has been blessed with. I thought it would be such an honor to have one of her paintings up on our walls for future generations to see. Now my honey isn't a big fan of paintings, but I had a feeling he would love this one. I was so right! I gave Becky my blog URL and a little background on how we met, found here. She did such an amazing job on our story and depicting it. We love it. Her paintings are young, fun and whimsical....just perfect for our future kids room. I plan on decorating our future kids rooms around it and passing it down to them.

Becky these next series of photos are for you. I will get you a photo of us together with it soon.

Yes my husband wears his call of duty pajama bottoms around his neck. He received them in his stocking...
Thank you Becky for such a treasured and wonderful gift. We really do appreciate it. We both love it very much. Photos of us with it and it's location will come soon.
Merry Christmas everyone.

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  1. Oh Ana what a sweet post. You blessed my socks off this morning. I'm so glad you both loved it...yay! What a great idea to have it in your future baby's room. Love that thought. Merry Christmas.


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