Kiddy City N Move

One of my good friends recently received a Kiddy City N Move stroller so I figured why not try my chances at it. Plus it's a pretty sweet lookin' stroller, which has one many awards!

Photo from Here
There's some pretty awesome colors to choose from too. I'm stuck between loving the turquoise or white. I know white would be risky with a child, but I love how different it is and the fact you don't see many like it.
What do you think? Take a shot at winning it yourself on The Art Of Making A Baby's blog here.



In honor of I Heart Faces photo theme this month, I figured I would enter this recent photo I took on an outing. I love the orange trees and the calmness in the river, but I especially love the fisherman casting his line on a lazy Saturday morning.

Photo Challenge Submission

To my baby boy.

Hi Baby Boy,

It's your mama here. Your quite the active little peanut inside of me. Always moving around and kicking me. You really enjoy using your arms the most, I have a feeling it's because your legs are all scrunched up from being tall. Don't tell your daddy, but I secretly hope your taller and just as handsome as he is. I love you already. I may not enjoy you being in me, but I do love you. Your a little over 28 weeks (7 months, 1 week) big now. According to many baby websites your working on chunking up and finishing up your brain. I'd say that's a pretty important thing to finish up on. You have to be smarter than your father and I combined! I just want you to know how much he loves you too, sometimes I find him in your room just smiling at your crib and I can tell he is so excited to hold you and sing you to sleep. 

It all started with an idea....
And then we went out and chose colors....
Then your daddy and I worked on the grid (well mostly your dad, he's the math wiz)....

Your dad is a huge fan of superman and we couldn't think of a better room for you than superheros...

Thus the idea was set in motion and your room started to come to shape. The next thing we knew you would need was a dresser for all your little socks. Well, why would we go out and just buy one when we could redo one just the way we wanted? Off we went and picked up this beauty....

But there was just something not right about it. Was it the size? No. Shape? No. Color? YES! The aqua, turquoise just wasn't going to cut it for us. So we remade it our own.

Of course we had to go with 'Metropolis' as the color. Why, no other would do your superhero room justice!
Then dad and I slowly started putting things in your room. It's starting to all come together baby boy! Your the only one missing from it right now. But don't worry, we understand why your taking your sweet time. Please, don't hesitate to stay in longer, your rooms not quite ready yet and we know neither are you.

We have a few more things to put in your room. Here's a sneak peak for all those curious minds reading this.

Our good friend Becky is making you a sweet quilt to go in your room. I cannot WAIT for you to lay on it. I have another project I'm currently working on, I'll give you a hint baby boy, its for your sparkly eyes to watch.

We love you baby boy and can't wait to meet you. Oh and baby boy you do have a name, but we aren't telling any of our friends until you get here.

Oh and your dad and Nizmo have been enjoying your rocking chair too.



Yet I continue to neglect my blog. About 3-4 times a week I think to myself, "I really should blog," yet it never happens. Well I'm forcing myself to sit down and write. I've been in such a funk lately. I feel like I don't belong in Boise and I continue to question God on why He moved us here. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful here and we have so many more options for doing outdoor stuff like we love, but I miss our church, friends and community in Vegas so much it hurts. Josh and I are trying a church currently and trying desperately to get involved, but we don't seem to 'fit' like we did in Vegas. Which makes the task so much more difficult.

Why here?

Why now?

I know I shouldn't question Him, yet even after I pray and ask for guidance I feel like there is no response. Shouldn't He be there? Shouldn't He let me know what He wants from me?

I will try to get back into blogging more...


Ramblings through Seattle

The week after my birthday I left for Seattle to visit family, friends and do a little work on the side for myself. Needless to say it was a blast!
My sisters, mom and myself all went to a tea room and had salad, soup and english tea. We felt very fancy indeed. But nothing really says fancy like sugar cubes and fancy saucers. It was so wonderful spending my sisters last week of summer vacation together. So crazy to think about where the four of us are in life right now.

My husband and I about to have a baby, my sister Emily a senior in high school, my sister Gabi a sophomore and a cheer leader this year and my 'baby' sister Lavinia in her last year of middle school! Within five years all four of us will be out of school and into 'real' life together.
From youngest to oldest
I'm so happy to call them my sisters and so proud of them individually for all their accomplishments. Each of them so beautiful in their own ways. I could sit and wonder where God is going to take each of us in the next five years, but doing that would not be as fun as leaving it up to Him. Either way it's out of our hands and in His. I am so happy I don't control my life and I leave it up to Christ. So much simpler that way.

Where ever He takes us, it'll for sure be on this crazy adventure called 'life'. I for one am nervous, excited and a little curious, but overall at peace with it.
To think we all went from wagons, pails and buckets to purses, makeup and high heels is more than mind blowing to me. But it's okay, we've been blessed along the path.
This woman has helped guide all four of us and slowly released her grip on our decisions. She's still there to remind us of the Lord and His ultimate plan for us, but we are in control now and as I am soon about to be a mother, I am terrified. But God placed my mom in my life to call upon and ask, "Am I doing it right?"
Thank goodness He did, because I would be more scared than ever.

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11



The past couple weeks have been very fun in our family lately. My husband and I celebrated

years of marriage and I got a whole year older! Wahoo! August is always a fun filled month for us, remembering our wedding day and how far we have come since then.

Not only have we been married for three years, but we have lived in two different states together already and now we have one little baby on the way. I can't wait until he looks at our child with as much adoration and love as he does for his niece. I am truly blessed by this man and how much he loves me.

For my birthday I made shawarma. If you don't know what that is, you need to. It's like a gyro, but packed with many different flavors. When my Mom and I went to Romania last year my Uncle introduced us to this delicacy. I've been hooked ever since then. When I talk to my Uncle on the phone he always mentions it to me and I just start drooling over the flavors from then. Being pregnant does NOT help this situation at all. I finally convinced him to tell me the flavors and I made my own version. Needless to say, it was SO good. My husband even enjoyed it. When you hear pita bread, pickles, garlic mayo, ketchup, fries, spicy chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions all on the pita bread make a delicious dinner, you would think I was crazy. Try it, I dare you. I've got my husband hooked and he hates onions, tomatoes and pickles. But somehow all those flavors work really well together.

This is shawarma. Deliciousness.

It's funny how God works in your heart and just tells you to let go of what you are envious of and trust in Him. He has such an awesome plan for us, yet I always feel the need to do it myself, without His help. It always fails. Or sometimes it works, but it never turns out as good as I wanted it to. There's His funny sense of humor again.
He will make our plans succeed, but I have to trust in His timing for us, not by my own doing. His timing is perfect, I just need to let go.

Birthday mani/pedi this year consisted of fall colors. I'm ready for summers high's of 90's and 100's to disperse and bring way to cooler temps. Monday I will be traveling to Seattle where it's already in the 60's there. I. Am. Psyched. So excited for warm drinks, scarves, hats, gloves and trees shedding. It's going to be so pretty and crisp. I can feel it.

Until next time,


Gone campin'.

Our campsite
We went camping this past weekend. Got away from the heat of Boise. It's been a HOT summer in this state. We were hoping for relief of heat from the Nevada summers, we got about a 10 degree relief, which when it's over 100 degrees doesn't count for much. But, we did enjoy camping by a lake.
It was a nice little weekend getaway back to mountains. Once baby comes along we won't get to do this nearly as often, even though we will definitely try.

My sweet CLEAN Casper changed colors on the way up to the lake. The smiling front was fine...the back, not so much. 

We enjoyed being next to the lake so much. We aren't fisherman people, but I do kind of wish we would have brought a fishing rode. Seemed like the perfect place to read a book and wait for fish to bite. 

 No fishes for us, but definitely some BAD mosquito bites. Even with both of us constantly spraying ourselves. Josh got it worse than me, good thing we had some hydrocortizone cream in the first aid kit. That helped keep the itches away and the swelling down. 

Despite the mosquito bites and dirty dirty car, we enjoy bringing our ENO hammocks with us everywhere! Even on plane rides, "just in case" we find a place to hang our hammocks. Josh enjoyed a nap in his with the pup and I enjoyed finishing a good book. 
All while we had this view of the lake from our hanging lunch spot. Bliss. 

God has been so good to us lately. We've dealt with unexpected expenses from moving, our bills getting messed up in every which way, still not finding a church home, no friends and a new city. But despite all that, we still lean on Christ and His ultimate plan for our lives on why we are here. We have a baby on the way and new changes coming our way very soon. I can't wait to see what this new season brings us.