Just be.

I have started writing this post and deleted it three times already now. I've been waiting to post this since Tuesday of this past week. I waited for today to happen first. Today meant seeing our church family since we found out. What am I talking about you ask? Idaho. I'm talking about Idaho. The Air Force and God have decided to move us to Idaho come May.

Yes, Idaho.

My emotions have been up and down since finding out on Tuesday. I've cried, laughed and freaked out. Idaho? Why Lord, Idaho? Why, now? Our 'family' here has been amazing. We love where we are, we love the people which surround us and we are apart of a loving community now. I don't want to make new friends and find a new church. I'm happy where we are at. 

I feel the need to stomp my feet like a 2 year old and say, "Don't wanna, don't wanna, I DON'T WANNA!" Why do we feel the need to act like immature toddlers when times get tough? I don't know. I waited to type this today because this morning needed to happen first. Everyone at church expressed how sad they were to see us go so soon. There were emotions at church today that needed to happen in my life. People, sad to see us go and express their emotions toward it. Feeling these was needed and necessary. It was hard, but so needed. I love the family Christ has put around us here. He has helped us get so involved with our church, it is going to be very hard to pull away in May.

My good friend Becky has helped me 'deal' with emotions. We went to our favorite shopping locations and perused through the aisles to find things that reflect our feelings. Enjoy.

Sometimes a fun rolling suitcase is all you need to get you going.

A cute pair of shoes too.

I needed to see this that day. Almost bought it too.

Crazy fun friends are just what you need during tough times in your life.

It's all just apart of the journey we are on together.

Just Be.

A little over four months left in Las Vegas!

I might need to make this my motto.

Love is Jesus. Jesus showed me the love of my husband. Thank you.

My most favorite place in the world.
Thank you Jesus for the friends and family you have put in our life.

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  1. idaho isn't that bad! i live right next door in wyoming. the mountains and people are amazing. where are you moving in idaho?

    xoxo the egg out west.


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