I'm back.

I have sorely neglected this here blog for quite sometime now. It's been quite sometime since this last post. We have come around full circle to a new chapter in our lives since then. I'll catch you up, Ana style:
-Moved from Las Vegas, NV to Boise, ID
-Took an awesome vacation to California before our big move.

-Thought we had rental houses picked out when we moved, only to find out they were rented the day before we got there. Proceeded to live in a hotel for two weeks before we found this beaut! 
  -Took a trip out to Seattle to visit family for five days while my parents celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, on July 4th mind you. After our whirlwind home dilemma and finally settling into our own place it was a very welcomed trip away. 

Aren't my sisters beautiful? There's one missing in this photo too.

Yep, I'd say that's about it. Oh actually before I forget there is one more thing. 
Baby O due January 2013.
I'd say that covers it all now. Stay tuned for photos from our camping trip this weekend. :)