Gone campin'.

Our campsite
We went camping this past weekend. Got away from the heat of Boise. It's been a HOT summer in this state. We were hoping for relief of heat from the Nevada summers, we got about a 10 degree relief, which when it's over 100 degrees doesn't count for much. But, we did enjoy camping by a lake.
It was a nice little weekend getaway back to mountains. Once baby comes along we won't get to do this nearly as often, even though we will definitely try.

My sweet CLEAN Casper changed colors on the way up to the lake. The smiling front was fine...the back, not so much. 

We enjoyed being next to the lake so much. We aren't fisherman people, but I do kind of wish we would have brought a fishing rode. Seemed like the perfect place to read a book and wait for fish to bite. 

 No fishes for us, but definitely some BAD mosquito bites. Even with both of us constantly spraying ourselves. Josh got it worse than me, good thing we had some hydrocortizone cream in the first aid kit. That helped keep the itches away and the swelling down. 

Despite the mosquito bites and dirty dirty car, we enjoy bringing our ENO hammocks with us everywhere! Even on plane rides, "just in case" we find a place to hang our hammocks. Josh enjoyed a nap in his with the pup and I enjoyed finishing a good book. 
All while we had this view of the lake from our hanging lunch spot. Bliss. 

God has been so good to us lately. We've dealt with unexpected expenses from moving, our bills getting messed up in every which way, still not finding a church home, no friends and a new city. But despite all that, we still lean on Christ and His ultimate plan for our lives on why we are here. We have a baby on the way and new changes coming our way very soon. I can't wait to see what this new season brings us.

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