To my baby boy.

Hi Baby Boy,

It's your mama here. Your quite the active little peanut inside of me. Always moving around and kicking me. You really enjoy using your arms the most, I have a feeling it's because your legs are all scrunched up from being tall. Don't tell your daddy, but I secretly hope your taller and just as handsome as he is. I love you already. I may not enjoy you being in me, but I do love you. Your a little over 28 weeks (7 months, 1 week) big now. According to many baby websites your working on chunking up and finishing up your brain. I'd say that's a pretty important thing to finish up on. You have to be smarter than your father and I combined! I just want you to know how much he loves you too, sometimes I find him in your room just smiling at your crib and I can tell he is so excited to hold you and sing you to sleep. 

It all started with an idea....
And then we went out and chose colors....
Then your daddy and I worked on the grid (well mostly your dad, he's the math wiz)....

Your dad is a huge fan of superman and we couldn't think of a better room for you than superheros...

Thus the idea was set in motion and your room started to come to shape. The next thing we knew you would need was a dresser for all your little socks. Well, why would we go out and just buy one when we could redo one just the way we wanted? Off we went and picked up this beauty....

But there was just something not right about it. Was it the size? No. Shape? No. Color? YES! The aqua, turquoise just wasn't going to cut it for us. So we remade it our own.

Of course we had to go with 'Metropolis' as the color. Why, no other would do your superhero room justice!
Then dad and I slowly started putting things in your room. It's starting to all come together baby boy! Your the only one missing from it right now. But don't worry, we understand why your taking your sweet time. Please, don't hesitate to stay in longer, your rooms not quite ready yet and we know neither are you.

We have a few more things to put in your room. Here's a sneak peak for all those curious minds reading this.

Our good friend Becky is making you a sweet quilt to go in your room. I cannot WAIT for you to lay on it. I have another project I'm currently working on, I'll give you a hint baby boy, its for your sparkly eyes to watch.

We love you baby boy and can't wait to meet you. Oh and baby boy you do have a name, but we aren't telling any of our friends until you get here.

Oh and your dad and Nizmo have been enjoying your rocking chair too.

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