Eli David

I haven't posted in a while for no reason at all, but since I've been asked about Eli's birth I figured I should document it somewhere. First off I should probably introduce you to my son Eli David.

(All photos are my own unedited) Hours old in hospital.
We are pretty smitten with him. Absolutely amazed by his constant changes everyday, even as I sit here rocking his bassinet with one foot and type this up simultaneously (ahhh momhood).

His due date January 27th started out like any Sunday morning for us. Wake up, go to church and then proceed to walk around the mall for 1.5 hours, lunch, walk around Cabela's for another hour. Okay, so we don't normally walk around that much, but we were trying to get things moving. We went home just after 3pm, clicked on an older season of Survivor and proceeded to watch.
4:30pm and I proceed to get off of my husbands recliner to go to the bathroom. WOOSH. Water broke like a dam. Some people say they hear it...I heard nothing, but it allllll came out. These two photos were taken within two minutes of each other. 

Last belly photo + cankles
Expecting contractions to start, I hopped in the bathtub and told Josh to take our dog to the overnight care place. 6:15pm comes around and no contractions yet and we are still at home. Josh calls the hospital and they say to come in at this point, so at 6:30pm we headed for the hospital.

We get hooked up to a fetal monitor and I'm apparently having contractions (I didn't think I was). They weren't anything big and I was still at 2cm, which I had been stuck at for over two weeks. I get informed if I can't really start contractions on my own the doctor wants me on a pitocin drip by 8:30pm. To which I strongly oppose and tell them I don't want anything to do with that. 8pm and we finally arrive to our 'labor' room and the hubs and I head down to check out what kind of ice the ice machine produces. If you know my weirdness about 'soft' ice and the ice from Sonic, you will understand. If you don't know my weirdness about ice, trust me the right kind of ice is amazing.
The ice passes my test and we return. 
8:30pm hits and my contractions jumpstart to the point to where I can't talk through them anymore. I couldn't get comfortable a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e.. Josh offered to massage me and I couldn't even stand his touch at all. He offered to start the water in the jacuzzi tub (yes, my room had a tub...amazing) and asked how I wanted the water, I told him lukewarm.
By 9pm I'm in the water and I have it up to as hot as it could possibly go. I labor in the water for a good while and at this point I ask for a cervix check. 6cm! I went from 2cm to 6cm by 10pm! The nurse was highly impressed. From 10pm to 11pm I labored in the tub some more. My contractions were literally on top of each other and when the nurse checked me again at 10:45pm to which I was at 9cm already. Again, nurse impressed. It is policy at this hospital to NOT give birth in the water (I was hoping to sneak past this policy), so she had me get out at 11pm.
My contractions literally went from every 20sec to 5-7minutes! So frustrating! I labored in the hospital bed for about 15min and went back in the water. Instantly feeling better, 15min later I get the urge to push. The nurse has me push in the water for about 20min before getting me out again. I push for about 10min before my mom walks in at midnight. With a dozen or so pushes later at 12:39am Eli David is born into the world at 8pounds and 11ounces on January 28, 2013! No wonder it took more than a couple pushes to get him out!
Now I didn't think I would be emotional mess after birth that I was. I have literally never cried like this in my life, but I guess thats what labor does to you. Here is a short clip from right after he was born. I still can't watch the whole video without getting emotional.
(Note: It is slightly graphic, but it doesn't show anything. It's more emotional than anything)

A very happy and proud grandma

I thank the Lord for being able to have the birth I desired. I prayed A LOT during contractions, repeating my life verse (Luke 1:37) over and over again. I prayed for strength for months before Eli arrived. I can honestly say without my faith and husband who talked me through all my contractions (even while my head was submerged in the water and I heard NOTHING) having the labor and delivery I desired would not have been possible. 


  1. Congratulations! I was wondering if you had that baby yet!? :) How exciting. He's beautiful though.

  2. Love it! I can't wait to meet him!!! <3 Miss you bestie


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