La Famille

We have had our share of family round up's lately. My mother flew in for Eli's birth and stayed with us for 10 days cooking, cleaning and even pushed us out the door for an early Valentines date, knowing we wouldn't get the opportunity again...for a loooong time. Then a week and a half later my father brought my sisters to town on their break from school. Annnnd now the husband father and wife just left. We've got one more weekend  with visitors and then it's just us for a while.

"He's going to get used to being held."
"Well, put him down then"
"I'd rather not..."
One of the many repeated conversations while my Dad and sisters were here.

My youngest sister (far left) Lavi is the best de-gasser for a colicky baby. I shouldn't have let her return home.

Our way of deflating an air mattress. Pile on top of it. Eli joins in on the fun now.

A whole lot of handing him to each other happened

As did a whole lot of starring at him...

And of course kissing him.

Grandpa has the best burping method! Rub rub, pat pat, stroke, pat pat....BURP

Josh's dad looks like he's saying, "Don't even think about taking him away from me."

So that's what we've been up to lately! 

Next post on patience...

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