Labor Bags

I've had a few friends ask me what I packed for labor. First off I'll start off with everyones labor is different and what I packed may not impact your hospital stay or labor.
Alright I actually had a little help from my friend Sharla on what she had packed last year and of course Pinterest helped quite a bit as well with articles I found on there.
Lets get down to the nitty gritty of my open bags:

These are the things I  actually used
-Big granny undies (I purchased mine at Costco, I know some people that bought theirs at Target)
-Chapstick (This was a lifesaver. The A/C in the hospital is killer right after you give birth)

-Snacks (AMAZING to eat right after birth. I was STARVING. We brought ginger ale (in case I felt nauseous), natural gold fish, multigrain snacks (Called somersaults))

-Lounge wear (sweats, loose tee's, yoga pants. I didn't actually wear any hospital gowns or anything and it made my stay so much nicer!)
-Robe (So nice to wear a robe over my sweats, the hospital is COLD)
-Fuzzy socks with grips on the bottom (Your a little wobbly after birth, the grips were nice for stabilization)

-Nursing Tank (I purchased mine from Target)
-Hemorrhoid numbing spray (The benzocaine they gave me in the hospital didn't do squat for me, so I was really happy I brought my own. Let me tell you, using the facilities without it was PAINFUL)
-Dark chocolate peanut butter cups (These were a treat for the husband, he appreciated the surprise after all was said and done)
-Swimsuit (I only ended up using the top, but this was necessary for me in the water)
-Motherlove herbal nipple cream (I used this and liked it MUCH better than the Lanolin I received in the hospital. Its also safe for baby. My nipples were so bad after just one day of learning to nurse, I developed blood blisters which Eli actually popped. This stuff saved me.) Link to purchase here off amazon.

-Newborn outfit X2 (Make sure these are season appropriate)
-Woombie (We still use this and I'll talk more about it in an Essentials for baby post)
-Change of clothes for the husband
-Hair brush (It felt amazing to brush my hair after birth)
-Toothpaste/Toothbrush (Self explanatory)
-Hair ties
-Car Seat
-Diaper bag (They have diapers so you won't have to use your own)
-Baby blanket (So nice to snuggle your new little one in something familiar)

Brought this and didn't use (Not that they wouldn't be helpful to you and your labor)
-Always Maxi Pads (I used the hospitals and even took them home. Don't worry about bringing your own. Use what they give you, including the non attractive mesh panties. After birth your NOT going to care)
-Nursing bra (The tank did the job and was much more comfy)
-Tucks with witch hazel (used at home, not at hospital)
-Pillow (I didn't use it, but my husband did. Bring it anyway.)
-Flip Flops (Brought these in case I took a shower, but I didn't shower until I got home. It was less than freezing outside and I didn't want to leave with wet hair)
-Make up (I thought I'd want to primp a bit, but I was exhausted and just didn't care)
-Shampoo/Conditioner/body wash (I didn't shower)
-Wash cloths (Heard the hospitals cloths were terrible, so I brought my own, but like I said, I didn't use them)

Hope this helps you in your labor! I know having friends and knowing what they brought was super helpful to me. Remember, my labor and delivery is very different from yours, so plan accordingly.

*All of these opinions are my own and I was not compensated for any of these products. I purchased all of these items myself.

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