Two Week Favorites

I feel as if every Mom, whether new or 'seasoned' have a few baby items they use regularly which have become a 'favorite' item(s). I am going to start a new series on my blog of 'Favorites'. As Eli grows bigger and bigger, I know these items will change. These are a few of our current favorite items for a newborn.

Scratch Mittens-Eli has super long nails (What baby doesn't??) and every time I try to trim his nails he tenses up. These mittens have been a lifesaver since he loves having his hands near his face. He's already scratched himself once which drew blood.
Carters Sleeper Gown- A couple of these were actually passed down to us and I didn't think I would like them at all. Let me tell you how easy they make diaper changes in the middle of the night. No fussing with snaps or buttons, just slip it up, change the diaper, done. Easy peasy. 

Pee Pee TeePee- Lets first start off with the fact these started as a funny joke from my Mother. They really are hilarious and each package comes with the cutest little rhyme. But after Eli hitting the wall, peeing back on his changing pad, peeing on his father, peeing on me...you get the picture. These have been awesome. Now needless to say you can get away with out them and they don't really soak in much pee (especially when your son can hold his pee for five hours!!), they have been quite helpful in not getting 'sprayed' lately. Oh and if you don't have a boy...skip this. 

Bouncer-Our son has pretty bad colic and keeping him upright while sleeping is helpful. Again, didn't really expect to need one, but naps during the day are much nicer in the bouncer since it vibrates and helps to soothe his gassy belly. We have the snugabunny version by FisherPrice since it matches his swing. 

Medela Hand Pump- I didn't want to buy a fancy electric breast pump and not end up using it. Medela is one of the top brands and from many people I know have only good things to say about it. When I was looking I figured I'd buy their hand pump and if I needed to upgrade to an electric, it would make it easier to have the same brand. I'm not using it daily right now so I'm happy I didn't hash out the cash immediately. I will say this helped my milk come in a lot faster and more abundantly than expected. It's been awesome. 

Moses Basket- We registered for this and were going to buy it whether it was purchase for us or not (thankfully it was). There are many other types of bedside rockers for baby, but this was our favorite. We have ours inclined a bit for his colic and it's been really helpful because of how light it is to be able to move it around and have it next to our bed. Ours has the rocking basket stand to match.

Prefold Diapers- We are cloth diapering (I know this isn't for everyone) and using prefold diapers with covers. Our prefolds not only double as diapers, but also as burp cloths. They are literally floating around our home everywhere. We have Thirsties gender neutral colors as covers. I have a mixture of OsoCozy and bummis prefolds and both work really well, I haven't actually noticed a difference in quality.

BOB Stroller- There aren't enough good things to say about this stroller. We LOVE it. It is such a smooth ride for baby, even on the rough trails and such, I just love watching his little cheeks jiggle in it, the air filled tires are awesome. It folds SO easy, seriously I get confused by other strollers. To top it off, it will fit him for a long time because of how tall the seat back is. SCORE! Mama's, this is the Cadillac of jogging strollers, I don't care what anyone else says, its awesome. The ONLY downside to it is it's rather bulky folded up. But that's okay for me. 

Sleep Machine App- Since we are such a technology driven society I of course have this app on my iPhone and have used it for myself in the past. When Josh isn't home the Rain sounds help me fall asleep a lot faster than the creepy house creaks (of course my brain starts thinking serial killer with every creak...). Anyways, I figured I'd give it a shot with the kid and he loves it! Last night he fell instantly asleep to the sound of a humidifier, funny the humidifier on the app sounds a lot different than our Crane humidifier. We will probably purchase a real sleep machine when we transition him to his bedroom, but until then the app works great! 

Crane Humidifier- We currently have the Owl humidifier in our room even though it's for Eli's room. I'm going to get a classier looking Crane humidifier when we put it in his room but this works for now. Plus the owl makes me smile every now and then. We live in a very dry climate and having this at night not only helps us sleep better but it keeps us healthy, especially since the hubs and I have both had sinus issues. Crane is awesome, no filter needed! I just boil water and store it in our fridge for the humidifier, it helps reduce build up as well as not put out a whole bunch of impurities in the air. 

Woombie-This is probably my most favorite(st) baby item we own. We've literally used it from the beginning. I really don't see how any kid could escape this swaddle. It makes it so easy to do diaper changes in the middle of the night as well, it has a double zipper so you just zip the bottom zipper up and change, then zip back down. His arms are still safely swaddled so you don't have to fight them during changes at all. My husband prefers the Halo Sleepsack, simply because Eli doesn't squirm as much in it, but it is a lot more bulky and harder for me to nurse in. Plus the velcro surprises him easily during changes or if I want to move the wrap off his arms during nursing. The photo below is Eli in the Woombie at the hospital. We have the Winter Woombie due to our climate. 

So there you have it, a few of my current favorite baby (and not so baby) items. Hope they help you out as well. Remember, what works for us may not work for you, but another opinion is always helpful.

*All opinions on products are my own and I have not been compensated to say anything. All products were either given to us or bought by us for our own purpose and use.


  1. Hi! Just came across your blog. I'm expecting my 3rd in a few months, and since my baby now is 3 1/2, I feel like I need to upgrade a few items. One being the stroller- We currently have a jogger that came as a travel system. Does the jogger that you have come with an attachable carseat? Or does he just sit right in the seat of the stroller? p.s. love the name! My oldest (5 1/2) is Eliott, and we call him Eli for short:)

    1. Hi Jill! Welcome!
      Thanks for stopping by. The BOB jogger only comes as the jogger. I.E. You have to buy the console for water bottles and the car seat adapter, there's a few different adaptors (britax, graco, peg perego..etc) that you can get for it. We have a britax car seat so that's the one we went with. Despite the extra costs we will probably stick with BOB for a long time no matter what. The ease of use and durability of this stroller is awesome. Yes, the price tag is hefty but we are joggers and trail runners, this stroller will last us forever. My sister has one and her 6yr old BOB still rides likes its brand new.
      We are pretty partial to his name too. :D Eli is a good name.


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