8 weeks.

Where does the time go? Eight weeks already?! I'm laying next to my little guy in bed as I type this up, it's been an abnormally puke-y rough day which turned into a hard bedtime. Mama's got a headache to top it off. Nothing like taking care of a crying newborn when all you want to do is curl up in bed and sleep.
He has become particularly fond of his fist the past few days. He still clenches his whole hand together right now, so he hasn't found his fingers, but his fist is delicious now. It's pretty cute. Also we had our first one feeding during the night the other night. It was GLORIOUS. Mama woke up refreshed! Then....we were back to three feeds per night. I knew it wasn't going to last, but it did help a lot.
Lately we are trying to battle with sleeping on a flat surface during the day. He is find sleeping flat at night, but during the day...no sirreeee! Don't even think about it. At least not more than 20 minute increments. Yuck.

Oh he is such a talker! This boy hates being dirty for extended periods of time, so if he isn't hungry he will let you know he is dirty! As soon as you remove his diaper, cooing starts immediately. As if he's telling you,

"Mom this is so much better now! I love you. Please keep my booty nakie, it's much better this way."

Yes he says all that and more, I promise. I will have to upload a video some time.

He's starting to go 2-3 hours between feedings now, rather than 1-2 hours. A little less demanding on mama, but still constantly eating and full. He eats so fast he swallows a whole bunch of air, chokes on the milk and then cries as he tries to eat more. So it's a constant eat, burp, eat, burp, cry, rest, repeat motion. Oh, but I love him.

We are away from our daddy for the first extended period since birth. We've gone nights without him while he was on call, but never in a different state. Definitely saying lots of prayers and taking deep

But we do miss him terribly. Sometimes daddy is the only one who can soothe an angry tummy.
Sometimes all mama does is pray it'll go by faster. Whatever happens, we can get through it and we will. I've been struggling with being in the word and praying, so I've decided even if I just get one verse in a day, it's better than nothing at all.
Today's verse is from

Psalm 145:14
The Lord upholds all who are falling and raises up all who are bowed down.

Lord please hold me up as I do this on my own for a week. With your guiding hand I can do it. That is what I keep reminding myself and surprisingly every tear and throw up gets easier.


Subscription Galore!

I've heard about subscription boxes before, basically a monthly treat that lands on your doorstep. What I didn't know is all the different types of boxes.

Food, makeup, clothes, crafts, kid stuff, dog treats, even underoos! 

The most common I know of are birchbox, Kiwi Crate and Citrus Lane. Birchbox is a makeup box for $10. They send you samples of different makeup brands and other random products. Kiwi Crate and Citrus Lane are geared towards kids and their momma's. Sending products and toys based off your child's age.

Depending on which subscription you choose, it's like getting a gift to yourself every month. Of course, every mama deserves a gift to herself. I have chosen to try an ipsy glam bag and a conscious box. Ipsy is similar to birchbox but they don't have multiple boxes you can get, everyone gets the same thing. You can review the products on their website for more points towards larger full size products. Conscious box delivers up to three different boxes to your door, Normal, Vegan or Gluten-Free. I chose the normal one since we aren't Vegan or Gluten Free in our home. Use code FREEBOX for a $1 box the first month!


I would really love to try Citrus Lane to see what items they have for babies, since they base it off of your little ones age. I think I'll make subscription boxes a normal segment on my blog once they start arriving. It's fun to open up a box of stuff you have no clue what's inside, kind of like Christmas once a month.

Josh and I really wanted to try a couple of the monthly clothing boxes (Elizabeth & Clarke, Golden Tote, Five Four Club, Trunk Club) but we just couldn't justify spending $30-$100+ for a box we knew we could get stuff for less. So we are doing our OWN monthly boxes. We've set a $30 limit for the box and a few ground rules:

-Use the whole month to put the box together
-Be creative
-Can't all be from one store, we actually have to try
-Keep the receipts (Just in case we don't like an item at all and have to return it)
-Don't get offended if we don't like an item chosen for the other person

We've decided the first month we will not do a theme and some months we will. I think this is an AWESOME way to keep things interesting in the relationship and make sure each other is loved accordingly. Also, it will be so much fun to see what we come up with for each other. No, we won't be making this hard on ourselves. For instance, our grocery store has an awesome organic section that I would LOVE to try some of their candles or skin care items. How easy will it be to walk into the grocery store while your already there and take an extra two minutes to browse and pick up something for the other person? So simple.

I'm thinking I'll put up our own boxes on here as well. Can't wait to see what he has planned for me!

What do you think? Would you try it? What box would you want to try?


Six Week Favorites

I don't really know why I'm not going in monthly increments on this series, but at least they are getting written! Maybe I'll switch to monthly increments soon. Stay tuned!
Anyway, here goes week six. A few things have changed and some stayed the same, but for the most part newborn (do you still call a six week old a new born? Hmm) necessities are constantly changing.

Moby-This wrap makes the list for an abundance of reasons. First off, it's SO comfortable. Secondly, once you get the wrap down, its a breeze to put on. Thirdly, Eli has fallen asleep in it every.time. Fourth, I get stuff done when he is in this. Finally, you can turn baby around when they are older to face out. Like I said, so many options. Not only do I do housework while wearing Eli, but I go for walks and even blog!

Rockin' Baby Pouch-
My good friend gave me this pouch and just like my moby, I can't say enough good things about it. It is so comfortable and easy (no wrapping required), it makes wearing a baby so nice. While it's harder to get housework done in, I must say going for walks or out with the hubby makes me feel so stylish using this sling. Plus the company gives a sling/pouch back to someone who needs it after your purchase. Awesome. Go check out their different designs and prints, you won't be disappointed. 

H&M Caps- So our baby has a big head and he likes to constantly move his big head. This makes wearing hats impossible. He rubs them off constantly. Since we bathe him every night and it's still chilly here we needed something to stay on his head. These little beauties tie under his chin, insert angels singing here. They ain't goin' anywhere! Plus he's happy that he's warm and his head isn't freezing.

My punk with his cap. 
Wet bag-If your a cloth diapering mama, these are a must have. Although, if you enjoy hiking, beach trips or anything outside the home I would suggest these too. Just nice to toss in something wet or stinky and not have to worry about it. I currently have two. One from Planet Wise  and one from Sweet Bobbins on etsy. I'll do a wet bag post later this year to see which one lasted longer with washes and use.

Klean Kanteen- Any water bottle will do, but I love my klean kanteen. Not only does it not leak a whole bunch of BPA or other toxins in my water (like plastic water bottles do), but it fits in the console of my BOB stroller. Score! I plan on getting the little man one when he is ready for it. I am constantly drinking water (camel) from breastfeeding, so this has been awesome. Plus, mine is a pretty blue color too from R.E.I..

Yoga ball- Oh I can't say enough about this ball. It's probably the most non-baby meant item we use. Eli is colicky and fussy and the yoga ball is the only thing that calms him down. Seriously. I don't remember where we got ours from, but I'm sure any yoga ball would work. A little story, the other night he decided to scream after every feeding, sat him down on the ball for five minutes and he was out. The plus side to us constantly using it is our core is getting worked out a lot. I can feel my muscles and how sore they are, but I'm happy I'm working out, even if I don't mean to.

There you have it. Six weeks of baby items and oh how they are constantly changing. I can't wait to see what changes in another month!

*All of these products have been purchase/given to us and all opinions are my own. I was not compensated for my opinion whatsoever. 


Swanky Shank

If your having a baby, do yourself a favor and get swanked! Jen Shank is the designer/owner of Swanky Shank and she makes the most ADORABLE clothes for kiddos. We have three pieces of hers, but I am just going to highlight my little mans Easter outfit here. Since him and I won't be with his daddy on Easter we decided to put him in it a little early. Might as well get as much use out of it as we can! Kids averaging a pound a week right now! YIKES!

If you haven't seen her etsy shop, go here. Also, don't forget to find her on facebook, she is ALWAYS doing giveaways for new followers.
Asleep in his carseat

I love the way he listens to his Daddy talk

Oh mom! Why all the photos?

Oh hey Mom, Dad's got some interesting stories.

All of these photos are mine. Please ask before using. I want to do more proper photos with all our swank, but theres only so much you can do with an infant at once.


My New Norm.

Seeing as this little guy is more comfortable sitting up or being in his bouncer, I can't really get much done unless he is in the moby wrap or his bouncer with me rocking him. Showering became a challenge, since he didn't like being put down. Insert nasty greasy hair here. YUCK!
Well I am here to show you of my solution.
Thank you Snugabunny Bouncer and vibrating feature! 

Oh and he likes the birds...he likes them a lot. 

But don't worry. My 10 minutes of clean glory are short lived....

The bouncer has an auto shut off feature to not kill the batteries...

Then he soon realizes his vibrating booty has stopped and the feeling goes back to his hiney...

And the lip....

Oh the lip....

How can anyone resist the lip?? His dad already knows he's going to get whatever he wants with his lip. But Daddy knows his lip came from him, so there's nobody to blame but himself. HA! Oh I love this kid so much. I don't really mind his clinginess. Honestly, kids grow so fast by the time you have time to realize their age five years is gone and they no longer like cuddling. I'm enjoying this stage, even the sleeplessness and brain fog part of it. Speaking of brain fog, I blew up a pan of brownies yesterday. Yes, you read it right, blew up. As in I set the glass pan of brownies on the stove top and turned on the wrong burner to heat water up....BOOM. Don't worry no injuries. But my house smells like a camp fire now...not a good one either. A camp fire that you threw plastic in and it has that weird melted smell, you know what I mean, I know you do. The good that came out of the experience was my house is pretty clean now. 

Anyway, I hope you all have a happy Wednesday. Go make yourself some brownies, glass-free though. I don't suggest attempting what I did. 
Oh and I'm down 40 pounds! Woo hoo! Please ignore the unkempt bed behind me, sheets in the wash after our last guests left.