8 weeks.

Where does the time go? Eight weeks already?! I'm laying next to my little guy in bed as I type this up, it's been an abnormally puke-y rough day which turned into a hard bedtime. Mama's got a headache to top it off. Nothing like taking care of a crying newborn when all you want to do is curl up in bed and sleep.
He has become particularly fond of his fist the past few days. He still clenches his whole hand together right now, so he hasn't found his fingers, but his fist is delicious now. It's pretty cute. Also we had our first one feeding during the night the other night. It was GLORIOUS. Mama woke up refreshed! Then....we were back to three feeds per night. I knew it wasn't going to last, but it did help a lot.
Lately we are trying to battle with sleeping on a flat surface during the day. He is find sleeping flat at night, but during the day...no sirreeee! Don't even think about it. At least not more than 20 minute increments. Yuck.

Oh he is such a talker! This boy hates being dirty for extended periods of time, so if he isn't hungry he will let you know he is dirty! As soon as you remove his diaper, cooing starts immediately. As if he's telling you,

"Mom this is so much better now! I love you. Please keep my booty nakie, it's much better this way."

Yes he says all that and more, I promise. I will have to upload a video some time.

He's starting to go 2-3 hours between feedings now, rather than 1-2 hours. A little less demanding on mama, but still constantly eating and full. He eats so fast he swallows a whole bunch of air, chokes on the milk and then cries as he tries to eat more. So it's a constant eat, burp, eat, burp, cry, rest, repeat motion. Oh, but I love him.

We are away from our daddy for the first extended period since birth. We've gone nights without him while he was on call, but never in a different state. Definitely saying lots of prayers and taking deep

But we do miss him terribly. Sometimes daddy is the only one who can soothe an angry tummy.
Sometimes all mama does is pray it'll go by faster. Whatever happens, we can get through it and we will. I've been struggling with being in the word and praying, so I've decided even if I just get one verse in a day, it's better than nothing at all.
Today's verse is from

Psalm 145:14
The Lord upholds all who are falling and raises up all who are bowed down.

Lord please hold me up as I do this on my own for a week. With your guiding hand I can do it. That is what I keep reminding myself and surprisingly every tear and throw up gets easier.

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