My New Norm.

Seeing as this little guy is more comfortable sitting up or being in his bouncer, I can't really get much done unless he is in the moby wrap or his bouncer with me rocking him. Showering became a challenge, since he didn't like being put down. Insert nasty greasy hair here. YUCK!
Well I am here to show you of my solution.
Thank you Snugabunny Bouncer and vibrating feature! 

Oh and he likes the birds...he likes them a lot. 

But don't worry. My 10 minutes of clean glory are short lived....

The bouncer has an auto shut off feature to not kill the batteries...

Then he soon realizes his vibrating booty has stopped and the feeling goes back to his hiney...

And the lip....

Oh the lip....

How can anyone resist the lip?? His dad already knows he's going to get whatever he wants with his lip. But Daddy knows his lip came from him, so there's nobody to blame but himself. HA! Oh I love this kid so much. I don't really mind his clinginess. Honestly, kids grow so fast by the time you have time to realize their age five years is gone and they no longer like cuddling. I'm enjoying this stage, even the sleeplessness and brain fog part of it. Speaking of brain fog, I blew up a pan of brownies yesterday. Yes, you read it right, blew up. As in I set the glass pan of brownies on the stove top and turned on the wrong burner to heat water up....BOOM. Don't worry no injuries. But my house smells like a camp fire now...not a good one either. A camp fire that you threw plastic in and it has that weird melted smell, you know what I mean, I know you do. The good that came out of the experience was my house is pretty clean now. 

Anyway, I hope you all have a happy Wednesday. Go make yourself some brownies, glass-free though. I don't suggest attempting what I did. 
Oh and I'm down 40 pounds! Woo hoo! Please ignore the unkempt bed behind me, sheets in the wash after our last guests left. 

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