Six Week Favorites

I don't really know why I'm not going in monthly increments on this series, but at least they are getting written! Maybe I'll switch to monthly increments soon. Stay tuned!
Anyway, here goes week six. A few things have changed and some stayed the same, but for the most part newborn (do you still call a six week old a new born? Hmm) necessities are constantly changing.

Moby-This wrap makes the list for an abundance of reasons. First off, it's SO comfortable. Secondly, once you get the wrap down, its a breeze to put on. Thirdly, Eli has fallen asleep in it every.time. Fourth, I get stuff done when he is in this. Finally, you can turn baby around when they are older to face out. Like I said, so many options. Not only do I do housework while wearing Eli, but I go for walks and even blog!

Rockin' Baby Pouch-
My good friend gave me this pouch and just like my moby, I can't say enough good things about it. It is so comfortable and easy (no wrapping required), it makes wearing a baby so nice. While it's harder to get housework done in, I must say going for walks or out with the hubby makes me feel so stylish using this sling. Plus the company gives a sling/pouch back to someone who needs it after your purchase. Awesome. Go check out their different designs and prints, you won't be disappointed. 

H&M Caps- So our baby has a big head and he likes to constantly move his big head. This makes wearing hats impossible. He rubs them off constantly. Since we bathe him every night and it's still chilly here we needed something to stay on his head. These little beauties tie under his chin, insert angels singing here. They ain't goin' anywhere! Plus he's happy that he's warm and his head isn't freezing.

My punk with his cap. 
Wet bag-If your a cloth diapering mama, these are a must have. Although, if you enjoy hiking, beach trips or anything outside the home I would suggest these too. Just nice to toss in something wet or stinky and not have to worry about it. I currently have two. One from Planet Wise  and one from Sweet Bobbins on etsy. I'll do a wet bag post later this year to see which one lasted longer with washes and use.

Klean Kanteen- Any water bottle will do, but I love my klean kanteen. Not only does it not leak a whole bunch of BPA or other toxins in my water (like plastic water bottles do), but it fits in the console of my BOB stroller. Score! I plan on getting the little man one when he is ready for it. I am constantly drinking water (camel) from breastfeeding, so this has been awesome. Plus, mine is a pretty blue color too from R.E.I..

Yoga ball- Oh I can't say enough about this ball. It's probably the most non-baby meant item we use. Eli is colicky and fussy and the yoga ball is the only thing that calms him down. Seriously. I don't remember where we got ours from, but I'm sure any yoga ball would work. A little story, the other night he decided to scream after every feeding, sat him down on the ball for five minutes and he was out. The plus side to us constantly using it is our core is getting worked out a lot. I can feel my muscles and how sore they are, but I'm happy I'm working out, even if I don't mean to.

There you have it. Six weeks of baby items and oh how they are constantly changing. I can't wait to see what changes in another month!

*All of these products have been purchase/given to us and all opinions are my own. I was not compensated for my opinion whatsoever. 

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