Subscription Galore!

I've heard about subscription boxes before, basically a monthly treat that lands on your doorstep. What I didn't know is all the different types of boxes.

Food, makeup, clothes, crafts, kid stuff, dog treats, even underoos! 

The most common I know of are birchbox, Kiwi Crate and Citrus Lane. Birchbox is a makeup box for $10. They send you samples of different makeup brands and other random products. Kiwi Crate and Citrus Lane are geared towards kids and their momma's. Sending products and toys based off your child's age.

Depending on which subscription you choose, it's like getting a gift to yourself every month. Of course, every mama deserves a gift to herself. I have chosen to try an ipsy glam bag and a conscious box. Ipsy is similar to birchbox but they don't have multiple boxes you can get, everyone gets the same thing. You can review the products on their website for more points towards larger full size products. Conscious box delivers up to three different boxes to your door, Normal, Vegan or Gluten-Free. I chose the normal one since we aren't Vegan or Gluten Free in our home. Use code FREEBOX for a $1 box the first month!


I would really love to try Citrus Lane to see what items they have for babies, since they base it off of your little ones age. I think I'll make subscription boxes a normal segment on my blog once they start arriving. It's fun to open up a box of stuff you have no clue what's inside, kind of like Christmas once a month.

Josh and I really wanted to try a couple of the monthly clothing boxes (Elizabeth & Clarke, Golden Tote, Five Four Club, Trunk Club) but we just couldn't justify spending $30-$100+ for a box we knew we could get stuff for less. So we are doing our OWN monthly boxes. We've set a $30 limit for the box and a few ground rules:

-Use the whole month to put the box together
-Be creative
-Can't all be from one store, we actually have to try
-Keep the receipts (Just in case we don't like an item at all and have to return it)
-Don't get offended if we don't like an item chosen for the other person

We've decided the first month we will not do a theme and some months we will. I think this is an AWESOME way to keep things interesting in the relationship and make sure each other is loved accordingly. Also, it will be so much fun to see what we come up with for each other. No, we won't be making this hard on ourselves. For instance, our grocery store has an awesome organic section that I would LOVE to try some of their candles or skin care items. How easy will it be to walk into the grocery store while your already there and take an extra two minutes to browse and pick up something for the other person? So simple.

I'm thinking I'll put up our own boxes on here as well. Can't wait to see what he has planned for me!

What do you think? Would you try it? What box would you want to try?

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  1. This is such a cool idea Ana!! I love the idea of you and Josh making each other boxes o' love for each other every month! =] The only time I've heard of boxes like these was when I read about one in a health magazine but it was with feminine items! like $15 a month and they give you the supplies you'll need (if ya know what I'm sayin =p) plus a little goodie each month, like a piece of chocolate or something, I dont know, but it sounded like a fun idea! That's crazy that they have CLOTHES boxes and things too! I wonder what kind of stuffs would go in....

    I think if anything I'd try the gluten free box, since we're gluten free =] Always fun trying new stuff! Buuuuut at the same time there are lots of BAD gf products and I dont know if I want to try them all =p

    Excited to see you soon! xoxox


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