Little boy is getting so big! He can now scoot his whole body up. Seriously we place him in the middle of his crib and find him scooted up to the top left corner of it after his nap. He grabs at his favorite toy. He LOVES it when you talk to him, coo's, smiles and giggles back at you. He is definitely ticklish and mama loves making him giggle.

On the other hand this little stinker has master the art of 'actor' crying. Or that's what we call it. His fake cry when we leave the room. It is so pathetic it's funny! We have now got a handle on nap times and we are only waking up two, count that one-TWO times in the night. WAHOO. That means mama sleeps GOOOD and when mama sleeps...mama is happy.

God has shown me patience I never thought I had with this little guy. From trusting my gut and sticking out through his colic and tummy issues, to hour and sometimes half-hour feedings. Yes you read that right. Sometimes half hour. He did double his birth weight by two months...yeah.

But how can you not love him? He's part of me. Part of Josh. He's ours. I'd do anything for him. Anything.

Including taking naked baby butt pictures to show his future wife. Yes. I am that mom. Hey, it's cute...I couldn't resist those cheeks! 

And toes. I love them toes.

I love you Eli. So, so, SO much.


Keep Runnin'

Originally I had started this post in my head last week about how I am tired of people who consider themselves Christ followers using God's book like trail mix. Picking out the m & m's and leaving the raisins. But after yesterday, somehow that doesn't seem applicable. One day I'll put down my words on how our faith shouldn't depend on what feels good, but now, we mourn.

We mourn the loss of those who died while bettering their health and lives. 
Like they, I am bettering my health and life as well. 

I guess I am naive when I continually ask myself how anyone could have so much hate, anger, malice in them to be willing to kill other people? Because you don't plant bombs during a race of thousands to go off for fireworks, ya know? While I could probably go on and on with why's, there is no point when there will never be an answer.

Instead of asking questions without answers I run. I ran last night to no music or conversation, I ran to my own thoughts. I ran for those who weren't able to finish, for those who lost their life and for those hurt.

I have never been a long distance runner, always a sprinter. But since getting back into shape and getting my health back on track I feel a deep connection with the marathon runners of Boston who were effected yesterday. Maybe I'll be running in a half marathon or even a marathon next year, we will have to train, wait and see! 

With that I leave you with a bit of joy from my kid to you. 

A short excerpt from my reading this morning:

"So you will walk in the way of the good and keep to the paths of the righteous.
For the upright will inhabit the land, and those with integrity will remain in it,
but the wicked will be cut off from the land, and the treacherous will be rooted
out of it."
Proverbs 2:20-22

There is hope for those effected and justice for whom cause fear and hurt.



'O' Box

I think I'll call our subscription box to each other 'O' Box, after the first initial of our last name. Josh and I exchanged our first box to each other this month and it was a lot of fun to see what we chose for each other.

Josh's box to me was a new pair of flats and a fun soy candle for spring. I absolutely adore the flats! Gap flats last me the longest so they are always well worth the cost for them. Josh scored these on sale. Love him. Love them. Already worn them. The candle smells amazing. Another score for the boy! 

I won't post a photo every time of the box because we will be using the same box for each other every month. Also, Josh needs to get on the bandwagon of wrapping one of our many empty amazon boxes for me...ahem. That's why his box is so roughly packaged, it needed to be wrapped in a way we could open it and I didn't know it was going to be so dang hard!

For Josh's box I found:
  • Two vintage disney books with Bambi, his favorite movie growing up.
  • Lush massage bar. Lush makes amazing and fun products and our previous bar lasted us 2+yrs
  • Express tee. I knew this wouldn't be a shirt he'd pick himself, but I knew he'd like it, so I snatched it up.
  • Dark chocolate mint. I'm not a huge mint fan, but Josh is and I needed something else to fill our  $30 limit. Always fun to get a little chocolate. 

Overall, I think we both did pretty good based off of our likes and dislikes. I requested a new pair of flats, so I knew they were coming, the candle was a complete surprise though. I knew going into this it might be a bit harder for Josh than myself. I tend to be the finder of random and unusual things wherever I go. I peruse antique malls, discount stores, grocery stores..etc. I'm excited for Josh's box to me next month though! Can't wait. 

So did you try this out between your significant other and yourself? Would you? What do you think?


10 Week Favorites

That time again where I reevaluate our favorite baby items. Now I don't just type this stuff up last minute, I actually have the notes app on my phone throughout the month and I'll type up a favorite item (after deleting previous favorites) and if I go back to type up that item more than once, it becomes a favorite. So there is a bit of process involved. I want to give you all what I think are great and useful items, some intended for baby, some not but we use them for baby anyway!

Lets go!

Coconut Oil-Definitely not a 'baby' item, but oh my goodness it's awesome. So awesome Josh and I are both using it now as moisturizer. Yep, you read that right. This has been the only thing able to get rid of Eli's baby acne. Poor kid had baby acne on his toes! We use Nutiva purchased from Costco. We will probably have it for the better part of a year, its huge!

Aden & Anais swaddle blankets- These are so versatile and useful. I love them. I've used them as a car seat cover, nursing cover, spit rag, naked baby holder (at the doctors), oh and an actual swaddle! Yup. Love 'em. Yes they are more expensive than other brands, but from other Mom's I've met, they hold up the best. Like multiple children best. Which is awesome in my book.

Baby Nail Clippers- If anyone knows how fast babies nails grow you will understand my love of nail clippers. Speaking of which, I definitely need to find mine to cut Eli's nails. These are essential. We have finally just been able to cut his nails since he started unclenching his fist. I won't post a photo since I'm sure you all know what they look like.

Mirror- Eli has discovered his reflection and it is the cutest thing ever! He smiles at himself and tries to touch the other baby in the mirror. Gah! I love it. Josh's sister gave us a tiny love play gym that wasn't being used anymore by her babies. It has a soft mirror that comes with it and we've been using that. He loves the gym as well, but isn't quite coordinated enough to figure out how to play. But he will stare at the toys for a good while.
Go Crib- This was something we wanted for a good long while. Probably our official 'splurge'. I hate pack 'n plays, hate them. They are so bulky and difficult to use...gah! Nothing good about them. Seriously. (If you like 'em, sorry in advance for my hate parade). We are a military family that puts a lot of emphasis on seeing our family as often as we can. Family is very important to us. The last thing we needed is a bulky, huge, annoying pack 'n play. So I went on the search. There's quite a few options (at a higher cost of course) to a more streamlined, less huge item. From phil & teds traveller crib, to the babybjorn travel lite crib, joovy room...etc. So many options if you look. We ultimately went with the Go Crib by guava family. It is so awesome it's sold out on amazon, on the guava website, REI...yeah that should tell you something. I consider us lucky we were able to buy it, we waited until R.E.I. had their annual 20% off and dividend sale to save a bit of money on it. There were two left at our store and thank goodness I went early since they aren't selling it online anymore, or at least until it's restocked. I love that it is inflatable and SO sturdy, even I can lean on it and it won't buckle. Plus, we can take it camping and hiking because it packs up in a backpack! Wha?! Yes, a backpack. If that's not awesome, I don't know what is.

There it is. What do you think? Would you use any of these items with your baby? What are your favorite items?


Operation Zip Those Pants

One of my most favorite bloggers and artists which actually created a Christmas gift based off our love story two years ago (Christmas Came Early), is Becky from Farmgirl Paints. If you have not seen her etsy shop, you must, go here. She makes gorgeous cuffs with whatever saying you'd like on them, I've bought a few for friends during various parts in their life (but have yet to have my own...hmmm. Josh?) she has been blogging about her struggle with weight issues for quite some time now and I won't lie, it took me much too long to be inspired enough to do something about my own issues. My thought process was along the lines of, 'good for her, it won't work for me.' I currently follow her on instagram (farmgirlpaints) and have recently joined on the Becky bandwagon of running 50 miles a month. This month that breaks down to about 1.6 miles a day. Not too hard or challenging. I should probably be running a lot more than that, but two months postpartum and haven't been able to run in a LONG LONG time due to surgery and baby turns into a sadsadsad 15 second jog.


It's embarrassing. 

Anyway, if your on instagram find me ana_oh and also search the hashtags of #operationzipthosepants and #50milesinApril. If your having problems struggling with your weight you CAN do it. I won't lie, I'm eight days into this thang and mama's sore! But being sore is good, it means your lazynogoodhaventbeenawake muscles are waking up and working again. God didn't create our bodies to lie still and be lazy, He created us to GO. DO. SEE. and BE. Let's cherish our maker's creations by taking care of ourselves.

I am keeping myself in check by using this blog and utilizing instagram. If you don't see a photo with either of those hashtags on a given day do me a favor and kick me into gear, tell me something along the lines of,

'Put down the chocolate and put ON your running shoes!'

I have a minor sweet tooth problem. Workingonthat. One issue at a time. I am determined to get down to my preprego weight and into my jeans, which I can zip up, but it stretches the zipper and gives me major muffin top.

I also have some pretty sweet new kicks coming soon...hint: sunshine

Join us! Oh, and I'm up to jogging for a full minute now. Yesssssss.... 


Strong. Determined. Inspiring.

Three words I would never associate with myself at one point. Determined, yes. But, strong and inspiring? These words together are so foreign in describing myself I don't know how to react. I've recently recited my birth story to a few friends over the past few weeks and a close friend said I was inspiring. What?! Me? No.

I've written a post about my labor and delivery here, but I have not explained my mental and physical preparation before birth.

As soon as we found out we were pregnant and got over the initial shock of 'crap there's a real life human baby in there!' I started immediately stressing out over how this thing is going to get out of me?! I know, every woman probably goes through this, but I felt alone. First thing I immediately started praying for was strength, I knew I wanted to birth completely natural, for many reasons. Mainly, my bodies reaction to anesthesia (I've had several surgeries) is severe. I throw up a lot after it wears off and I knew I didn't want to deal with that after giving birth to our baby. YUCK. No, thank you. The only surgery I didn't have that reaction to was my sinus surgery and that was because they gave me the same nausea medication they give cancer patients orally and through my IV. I was told I could have that same thing during labor and it would be safe for baby, ummmm cancer meds and baby somehow shouldn't go together, I wasn't convinced. Therefore, I prayed for strength and no complications, my constant prayer went a little something like this,

"Lord, you know what I desired out of this labor and birth, you know my reasons. You have created my body to give birth to this baby naturally and I pray for the strength to be able to do it without any help medically or unnecessary interventions. Lord, please help me have the labor and delivery I desire. Your will, not mine."

Secondly, I started researching. Now as most people know me I probably don't come across as very health conscious, but I do try my best. Lately, (with the help of living in Boise) I have really made greater strides in moving our family to be more health conscious and stay away from processed foods. I personally don't think it's realistic to stay 100% away from them in this day and age, especially with our constantly traveling military lifestyle. Honestly, that's just much too hard for me, but we do our best and that's what matters.
Back to what I was actually talking about, research. I researched different laboring techniques, the bradley method, hypnobabies and water. Water has always intrigued me the most, but I was also curious about hypnobabies. I was THIS close to taking a class and buying the cd's for it to start. But then I had a reality check, I couldn't utilize ANY of these method's without God's help, so I turned all my energy back into talking to God about it and asking for His help in this. Now, if these methods work for you, awesome! But I haven't tried them in labor/delivery so therefore I don't know, I would love to hear about your experience. I wanted to try water and felt that to be a great option, but didn't know if I would utilize it in labor (thank goodness I did!).

Third, I trained myself to think drugs were not an option. Seriously, this sounds ridiculous but I didn't actually even THINK of drugs until 20 minutes before he came out. By that point I quickly mentally shook off the idea and told myself, 'don't be stupid it's way to late! Push this kid out, NOW'.

Lastly, I reminded myself to stay completely calm. I know, this sounds ridiculous but you can ask my husband. As I was getting to the last few days of pregnancy I was so relaxed and calm. Anxious and constantly talking about it, yes, but completely calm. After my water broke I laughed. At the hospital, I asked for fruit and joked with the nurse about nipple stimulation, yes you read that correctly. My nurse was awesome. Anyway, I taught my body to relax and it worked. The nurse even tried to put an IV in my arm while I was in the tub having terrible contractions, she failed, but Josh said I didn't move one bit. Crazy.

That's it! Let me know what you think about my techniques. Hope they help you in your labor and delivery.
Next up on the blog. Getting my butt back in shape and how I'm attempting to achieve it.


Puj Hug

Had to buy a tub for grandma and grandpa's house since we are away from home. 
I had the opportunity of being a product tester for the new Puj Hug. I was so excited to be chosen as I am a fan of the Puj Flyte tub, but have yet the opportunity to use it. Puj has quite a few different products and they are ever expanding in their line of bath items for babies and children. The Puj Big Hug is for older kids to use and if Eli ends up just adoring this towel, I might buy that for him as he gets older.

Lets get down to the pro's and con's of this awesome item.

First, some highlights taken from Puj's website

  • Safely and comfortably dry baby with both hands free
  • Towel stays secure using interlocking silicone tabs around the neck
  • Made from thick, ultra-soft cotton
  • Hangs from puj nub (sold separately)
  • BPA-free, PVC-free silicone parts are 100% machine washable


  • Hands-Free: I can use the handy tab and insert around my neck and pick up Eli out of the tub without having to do the funky towel/catch the baby dance. This makes it especially nice because Josh isn't always home to help during bath time, so being able to do this by myself is awesome.
  • Plush: Eli screams in the towel we wrap him up at home and this one is so soft and cozy (seriously, I want one) he was actually giggling and smiling.
  • Warmth: The cotton used in this towel is like that of luxury spa robes, seriously it's really thick and SO soft. 
  • BPA, PVC-Free:AWESOME! Love knowing products are safe for my baby. 

  • Price: This towel runs at $34.99 on amazon. It is definitely a little pricey for a babies towel
  • Not Organic: At the price tag of $34.99 I would have expected the cotton to be organic, I'm not upset about it and it won't stop me from buying the older child's version, but it would be nice for the cost.
  • China: Now I have nothing against made in China products, but again at the cost this item is, it would be nice for it to be made in the U.S.A.. I'm all for products made in country vs. out of country. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to parents, their babies and even older kids. So easy to use and so soft. If you can, go get this product for your baby, the quality and simplicity of it is worth it, I promise. Buy your own here on amazon.

Doesn't he look so happy in his cozy towel?

What do you think parents? Would you buy this for your baby? 

Disclosure: I received the product from Puj to facilitate my review. All comments made are my own and are my honest opinion.