10 Week Favorites

That time again where I reevaluate our favorite baby items. Now I don't just type this stuff up last minute, I actually have the notes app on my phone throughout the month and I'll type up a favorite item (after deleting previous favorites) and if I go back to type up that item more than once, it becomes a favorite. So there is a bit of process involved. I want to give you all what I think are great and useful items, some intended for baby, some not but we use them for baby anyway!

Lets go!

Coconut Oil-Definitely not a 'baby' item, but oh my goodness it's awesome. So awesome Josh and I are both using it now as moisturizer. Yep, you read that right. This has been the only thing able to get rid of Eli's baby acne. Poor kid had baby acne on his toes! We use Nutiva purchased from Costco. We will probably have it for the better part of a year, its huge!

Aden & Anais swaddle blankets- These are so versatile and useful. I love them. I've used them as a car seat cover, nursing cover, spit rag, naked baby holder (at the doctors), oh and an actual swaddle! Yup. Love 'em. Yes they are more expensive than other brands, but from other Mom's I've met, they hold up the best. Like multiple children best. Which is awesome in my book.

Baby Nail Clippers- If anyone knows how fast babies nails grow you will understand my love of nail clippers. Speaking of which, I definitely need to find mine to cut Eli's nails. These are essential. We have finally just been able to cut his nails since he started unclenching his fist. I won't post a photo since I'm sure you all know what they look like.

Mirror- Eli has discovered his reflection and it is the cutest thing ever! He smiles at himself and tries to touch the other baby in the mirror. Gah! I love it. Josh's sister gave us a tiny love play gym that wasn't being used anymore by her babies. It has a soft mirror that comes with it and we've been using that. He loves the gym as well, but isn't quite coordinated enough to figure out how to play. But he will stare at the toys for a good while.
Go Crib- This was something we wanted for a good long while. Probably our official 'splurge'. I hate pack 'n plays, hate them. They are so bulky and difficult to use...gah! Nothing good about them. Seriously. (If you like 'em, sorry in advance for my hate parade). We are a military family that puts a lot of emphasis on seeing our family as often as we can. Family is very important to us. The last thing we needed is a bulky, huge, annoying pack 'n play. So I went on the search. There's quite a few options (at a higher cost of course) to a more streamlined, less huge item. From phil & teds traveller crib, to the babybjorn travel lite crib, joovy room...etc. So many options if you look. We ultimately went with the Go Crib by guava family. It is so awesome it's sold out on amazon, on the guava website, REI...yeah that should tell you something. I consider us lucky we were able to buy it, we waited until R.E.I. had their annual 20% off and dividend sale to save a bit of money on it. There were two left at our store and thank goodness I went early since they aren't selling it online anymore, or at least until it's restocked. I love that it is inflatable and SO sturdy, even I can lean on it and it won't buckle. Plus, we can take it camping and hiking because it packs up in a backpack! Wha?! Yes, a backpack. If that's not awesome, I don't know what is.

There it is. What do you think? Would you use any of these items with your baby? What are your favorite items?

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