'O' Box

I think I'll call our subscription box to each other 'O' Box, after the first initial of our last name. Josh and I exchanged our first box to each other this month and it was a lot of fun to see what we chose for each other.

Josh's box to me was a new pair of flats and a fun soy candle for spring. I absolutely adore the flats! Gap flats last me the longest so they are always well worth the cost for them. Josh scored these on sale. Love him. Love them. Already worn them. The candle smells amazing. Another score for the boy! 

I won't post a photo every time of the box because we will be using the same box for each other every month. Also, Josh needs to get on the bandwagon of wrapping one of our many empty amazon boxes for me...ahem. That's why his box is so roughly packaged, it needed to be wrapped in a way we could open it and I didn't know it was going to be so dang hard!

For Josh's box I found:
  • Two vintage disney books with Bambi, his favorite movie growing up.
  • Lush massage bar. Lush makes amazing and fun products and our previous bar lasted us 2+yrs
  • Express tee. I knew this wouldn't be a shirt he'd pick himself, but I knew he'd like it, so I snatched it up.
  • Dark chocolate mint. I'm not a huge mint fan, but Josh is and I needed something else to fill our  $30 limit. Always fun to get a little chocolate. 

Overall, I think we both did pretty good based off of our likes and dislikes. I requested a new pair of flats, so I knew they were coming, the candle was a complete surprise though. I knew going into this it might be a bit harder for Josh than myself. I tend to be the finder of random and unusual things wherever I go. I peruse antique malls, discount stores, grocery stores..etc. I'm excited for Josh's box to me next month though! Can't wait. 

So did you try this out between your significant other and yourself? Would you? What do you think?

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  1. Love it! Jon and I do something similar. .an idea I stole from my frienda Jenny and Cordell when they long distance dated. We decorated a Tupperware and mail it back and forth with little things like photos, gift cards, candy and personal fun items. Last one Jon got me Pike place tea from that store by the pig since I can't get it in Miami. Great ideas!!!


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