Operation Zip Those Pants

One of my most favorite bloggers and artists which actually created a Christmas gift based off our love story two years ago (Christmas Came Early), is Becky from Farmgirl Paints. If you have not seen her etsy shop, you must, go here. She makes gorgeous cuffs with whatever saying you'd like on them, I've bought a few for friends during various parts in their life (but have yet to have my own...hmmm. Josh?) she has been blogging about her struggle with weight issues for quite some time now and I won't lie, it took me much too long to be inspired enough to do something about my own issues. My thought process was along the lines of, 'good for her, it won't work for me.' I currently follow her on instagram (farmgirlpaints) and have recently joined on the Becky bandwagon of running 50 miles a month. This month that breaks down to about 1.6 miles a day. Not too hard or challenging. I should probably be running a lot more than that, but two months postpartum and haven't been able to run in a LONG LONG time due to surgery and baby turns into a sadsadsad 15 second jog.


It's embarrassing. 

Anyway, if your on instagram find me ana_oh and also search the hashtags of #operationzipthosepants and #50milesinApril. If your having problems struggling with your weight you CAN do it. I won't lie, I'm eight days into this thang and mama's sore! But being sore is good, it means your lazynogoodhaventbeenawake muscles are waking up and working again. God didn't create our bodies to lie still and be lazy, He created us to GO. DO. SEE. and BE. Let's cherish our maker's creations by taking care of ourselves.

I am keeping myself in check by using this blog and utilizing instagram. If you don't see a photo with either of those hashtags on a given day do me a favor and kick me into gear, tell me something along the lines of,

'Put down the chocolate and put ON your running shoes!'

I have a minor sweet tooth problem. Workingonthat. One issue at a time. I am determined to get down to my preprego weight and into my jeans, which I can zip up, but it stretches the zipper and gives me major muffin top.

I also have some pretty sweet new kicks coming soon...hint: sunshine

Join us! Oh, and I'm up to jogging for a full minute now. Yesssssss.... 


  1. Ana SO proud of you. It's a million times harder after a baby and WITH a baby. Good for You!! We can do it!! Let me know your progress. I'm cheering for ya. :-)

  2. This is so inspiring to me, Ana, because I wish I had been more active about taking care of my body postpartum!!! You are seriously doing it all, being an amazing new momma to that beautiful boy and a fantastic wife, friend and blogger for us! =D

    Last thing I want to say is that the final sentence in this blog should be the biggest in my opinion! Be proud and boast about those accomplishments like getting your jogging time up to a minute! =D Even if it may seem small compared to a previous stamina, it is PROGRESS due to your HARD WORK! Don't forget you just did the most physically active and miraculous thing of ALL and created a little human! You go girl! =D


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