Puj Hug

Had to buy a tub for grandma and grandpa's house since we are away from home. 
I had the opportunity of being a product tester for the new Puj Hug. I was so excited to be chosen as I am a fan of the Puj Flyte tub, but have yet the opportunity to use it. Puj has quite a few different products and they are ever expanding in their line of bath items for babies and children. The Puj Big Hug is for older kids to use and if Eli ends up just adoring this towel, I might buy that for him as he gets older.

Lets get down to the pro's and con's of this awesome item.

First, some highlights taken from Puj's website

  • Safely and comfortably dry baby with both hands free
  • Towel stays secure using interlocking silicone tabs around the neck
  • Made from thick, ultra-soft cotton
  • Hangs from puj nub (sold separately)
  • BPA-free, PVC-free silicone parts are 100% machine washable


  • Hands-Free: I can use the handy tab and insert around my neck and pick up Eli out of the tub without having to do the funky towel/catch the baby dance. This makes it especially nice because Josh isn't always home to help during bath time, so being able to do this by myself is awesome.
  • Plush: Eli screams in the towel we wrap him up at home and this one is so soft and cozy (seriously, I want one) he was actually giggling and smiling.
  • Warmth: The cotton used in this towel is like that of luxury spa robes, seriously it's really thick and SO soft. 
  • BPA, PVC-Free:AWESOME! Love knowing products are safe for my baby. 

  • Price: This towel runs at $34.99 on amazon. It is definitely a little pricey for a babies towel
  • Not Organic: At the price tag of $34.99 I would have expected the cotton to be organic, I'm not upset about it and it won't stop me from buying the older child's version, but it would be nice for the cost.
  • China: Now I have nothing against made in China products, but again at the cost this item is, it would be nice for it to be made in the U.S.A.. I'm all for products made in country vs. out of country. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to parents, their babies and even older kids. So easy to use and so soft. If you can, go get this product for your baby, the quality and simplicity of it is worth it, I promise. Buy your own here on amazon.

Doesn't he look so happy in his cozy towel?

What do you think parents? Would you buy this for your baby? 

Disclosure: I received the product from Puj to facilitate my review. All comments made are my own and are my honest opinion.

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