Little boy is getting so big! He can now scoot his whole body up. Seriously we place him in the middle of his crib and find him scooted up to the top left corner of it after his nap. He grabs at his favorite toy. He LOVES it when you talk to him, coo's, smiles and giggles back at you. He is definitely ticklish and mama loves making him giggle.

On the other hand this little stinker has master the art of 'actor' crying. Or that's what we call it. His fake cry when we leave the room. It is so pathetic it's funny! We have now got a handle on nap times and we are only waking up two, count that one-TWO times in the night. WAHOO. That means mama sleeps GOOOD and when mama sleeps...mama is happy.

God has shown me patience I never thought I had with this little guy. From trusting my gut and sticking out through his colic and tummy issues, to hour and sometimes half-hour feedings. Yes you read that right. Sometimes half hour. He did double his birth weight by two months...yeah.

But how can you not love him? He's part of me. Part of Josh. He's ours. I'd do anything for him. Anything.

Including taking naked baby butt pictures to show his future wife. Yes. I am that mom. Hey, it's cute...I couldn't resist those cheeks! 

And toes. I love them toes.

I love you Eli. So, so, SO much.

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