14 week favorites

Eli has done a massive amount of growing lately. He coos a whole bunch, to the point of having a conversation with you. It's adorable. We finally changed out all his 3-6 month clothes for 6-9 month clothing. Yes you read that right, my three month old is in 6-9 month clothing. Big. boy. Anyway, we've started to make a few new favorites this month. Here they are.

Oball-Eli loves this thing. He can grab it easily, it rattles a bit and it has plenty of holes for him to stick his tongue through. Yeah, it's a winner in his book, or hands.

Hylands-Poor kid has already started teething. I'll do a post of everything we use for it soon, but hyland's tablets are some of our favorites. Plus they don't have a whole bunch of crap in them like other brands, so I feel just fine giving them to him.

Cloud-b Sleep Sheep- Eli has been having a hard time going down without any noise. I was using the sleep machine app on my phone for a long time (and I still do), but sometimes a mama needs her phone and it just so happens to be nap time. Enter, sheep.


DropCam- This was one of the items I really wanted on our registry. It's a baby monitor (or any monitor actually) that you can use with your phone, computer, iPad, tablet...whatever. I really wanted something Josh could use by logging onto the internet to see Eli. If Josh deploys he can hop on and check up on him from Afghanistan, pretty cool huh? Anyway, it has night vision, a speaker and motion detection. If we pay for the monthly fee we can even get it to record up to a certain amount, but I could care less about that. 

Angelcare- So we actually have two monitors. No this wasn't planned at all. Eli decided to be a tummy sleeper only. As in, he won't sleep on his back no matter what. Seeing as Josh works in a pediatric clinic where you automatically tell the parents not to have their kid sleep on their belly because of SIDS, he was a little worried. This is where angelcare comes in, it has a sensory pad that slides under his mattress and detects whether he is breathing or not. The pad is so sensitive if you pick him up it starts a beeping frenzy within 30 seconds. Either way, it helps Josh sleep better and myself included. Definitely a peace of mind product and in our opinion when your kid likes to bury his face into his mattress, it's worth it.
So there you have it our current favorites. As you can see they are constantly changing, I'm sure by the time our first year is over we will have some constant favorites, but right now it's fun to see how he is changing and growing. What are your favorite items and what would you buy? Hope this is helpful for you!


  1. We were gifted that ball thing and the sleep sheep. When I received them I thought it was a little random...now I hear that everyone has them haha. I guess when it works it works huh? :)

    1. Yes! You will soon realize all these little things you didn't think you needed are life savers! The joy of having kids...and their extra 'stuff'


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