4.5 month favorites...long overdue

So we've been traveling a lot more then expected this month, which has pushed back a few things to get published one week too long. Some of our favorites have changed and others have remained constant, but overall I think our travel gear has been our favorite stuff this month.

As you know Eli and I had the pleasure of flying for the first time together.  These are the items we have come to love even more since traveling. 

Rockin' Baby Sling: As you all know there are a various amount of carriers, slings, wraps and more for carting around your kid. Seriously, the consumer baby world is full of them. My good friend Becky purchased this sling as a gift for Eli's shower/birth/congratsgoodjob and we LOVE it. In fact my husband loves it to. The moby is great and I'm not knockin' any product here, if it works for you, awesome. But we love this because it's one item. No fumbling with wrapping, no adjusting (well, maybe a little), you throw it on and go. Honestly I didn't know if they would have me take Eli out at security in the airport (some airports still do), so I didn't know to use something with a whole bunch of buckles and wraps that would take forever. I'm not a fan of holding up others in line, so this worked perfectly for us.
Aden & Anais: I think I've mentioned these before, but I am definitely mentioning them again. These muslin wraps are the easiest, most durable pieces of fabric ever. Their uses are endless! Seriously, they are costly and most people wonder why a $40 piece of fabric is so awesome. Well, I've seen them last and look brand new over five years and three kids later. That's a lot of washes! No fading, tearing, nothing. They look new. These are also super easy to travel with because they ball up next to nothing, I took only one with us and it worked well. We use one in our jogging stroller. I'll let Eli's feet get about 20min of sun and then I cover them up (since I can't use sunscreen on him yet) lightly with one of these and voila, I don't worry about him over heating or getting burned. We have a set of four and when/if we have another baby I am definitely registering for more.
Go Crib: The thing we wanted most on our registry. This thing is awesome. So lightweight, portable and easy to use. I love, love, LOVE that it folds up into a backpack. They also have another lightweight super easy crib called the Lotus crib. If you don't like how the go crib is inflatable, go with that one. Either way, a definite favorite.

Britax Convertible Seat: Britax is a world leading car seat manufacture, I believe originating from Europe. Their constant safety and technology updates in their seats is what makes them awesome. Seriously. Eli hated his infant seat, I mean hated with a passion. Car rides with him were not fun. At. All. We switched him to a convertible seat and lo and behold, the screams stopped and he seamed happier overall. I think the infant seat was leaned way too far back for him and he loves to look around and just couldn't. The only downfall with this seat is it's size. It's huge. There's no good way of putting it, britax does not make seats for small cars. Even their infant seats are large. We are looking at a smaller seat for a our compact sedan, but for now, this is what we have. We make it work.


Sophie: Our teething babe has fallen head over heals with his Sophie giraffe and we love her. She's cute, she's safe, she squeaks and she won't break! The company has other toys besides Sophie, we have yet to try out but Sophie is our favorite so far.
That's what I can think of as our current favorites this month, of course there are more but these are our top. Enjoy! 

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