California has a special place

I love California. Love it. Wish we could live there, but we don't. What I don't love about it is it's high gas prices....that's about it. Either way, maybe God will place us there in the future, you know when it won't have the highest gas prices in the nation...right. Anyway, one can dream but for now we will always visit family.

This was Eli's first plane trip and I have to just brag, my baby didn't cry once and had no ear problems! I am so proud of him! He nursed during take off and landing and slept for most of the plane ride each leg.

 I will always cherish visiting family. As stressful as it can be, it is so worth it. God places people in our lives for an important reason. Each person we have met and know is there handpick, chosen for us. Our family is the only one we receive on this earth, the least we can do is try and have a relationship with them. I know that is not the case for some families, but even if you aren't 'blood' related, certain friends can be our family just like our 'blood' related ones. Whomever you consider family, remember to cherish them, love them, uplift them and always stay in contact with them. It's easy to lose someone, but its a lot harder to gain them back.

 My trip turned out a little unexpected, instead of coming back to Boise before Memorial day weekend one missed flight turned into an extended vacation to Seattle as well. Boise is such a small airport hub so it was a lot more convenient to fly to Seattle, stay with family and have my husband drive out to meet us there. It was nice seeing both sides of our family in one trip.
I just loved being able to be with my son and see his interaction with our families now that he responds to people more. It was the sweetest thing, five minutes after being picked up from the air port I look back at the car seats and his cousin and him were holding hands. They had met a couple months prior when he was just over a month old and she was a little over 10 months. It was as if they were saying,

"Hi cousin, I missed you.." 

Enjoy the rest of our trip photos.

Aubrey is ever the explorer

Even seasoned explores get stuck and require a little help
So of course the auntie with the baby strapped to her is first to jump in on the tall cliff and help her climb down.

A little sand surfing anyone?

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  1. You take such beautiful photos, Ana! Sounds like a fantastic trip, especially with the added surprise bonus of being able to see your Seattle family too! Looks like you had a great time =] That picture of Eli and his cousin holding hands is absolutely adorable!


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