Four months have gone by since Eli has been born. It still blows my mind he is here most days. We have a baby. We are parents. We are responsible for someone besides our selves. Yup, still in shock. I'm so thankful God chose us as his parents, he has placed such an amazing gift in our care.

Baby boy your so big! I know I say it everyday, but I'm in such awe at you. Your supposed to be asleep right now, but I hear you in your crib talking away. I love hearing your little voice, especially when I can make you giggle and smile. It's the best feeling ever. The Psalm that explains how you were intricately knit in my womb is such a reminder to me that you are ours. I did carry you. 
You have become ever more aware of your surroundings. Always looking for your dad or myself. You love your puppy dog, Nizmo. If he is near you, you play with his hair. Your constantly trying to scoot around when on your belly, which the doctor says is pretty advanced. Always amazing us is your specialty. You got your first cold this past month and that was pretty miserable for myself and you. Let me tell you, you hate being congested. I can't blame you though, trying to eat and not being able to breathe is no fun. We have finally figured out which bottle you'll take after your bottle strike! It's a $15 comotomo bottle, of course you choose the most expensive one, you little trickster, you. But we don't care, as long as you take it, we will give it to you in exchange for date nights and mommy needs a break nights. 

Your still teething, with no teeth in sight, yet. But the drool keeps coming full throttle! You've also figured out how to throw up on demand. Well, you don't do it on purpose, but you do it. Sticking your fingers in your mouth to help soothe your inflamed gums and you toss a finger a bit too far back. Nobody is safe with your hands in your mouth. Your absolute favorite thing is when daddy or I say,
"hi" to you. You giggle and smile and kick...oh we love it! You also love looking at yourself in the mirror, the baby in the mirror just smiles at you and you just love it! 

You've definitely intertwined your little chubby hands in our hearts. There's no escaping you now. Even if your upset and your drop your lower lip, we want to make you happy as fast as we can no matter what it takes. I have a feeling that lower lip is going to get you whatever you want. Well, as long as your father doesn't teach you how to use it for legos. Yes, he plans on using you for toys. Don't fall into his tricks little boy! Don't worry, I'll probably give in anyway, you both deserve legos. 

We love you Eli. We want the best for you. Stop stealing away our hearts.

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  1. Hehe he is growing so fast! STOP IT ! haha, But seriously, you made quite the amazing little human my friend =]


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