It's taken a little over a year but I think we finally have found our 'place' in Boise. Eight churches later and a few facebook groups, I've found a group I love. I really don't know what God's plan is for us out here, but I do know patience is part of it. It has been HARD to have patience, harder than the seven months Josh was in Afghanistan for. Why all this patience God? Well, whatever the reason, I feel like we can conquer anything now.

I've been struggling with reading my Bible lately, but that's okay. I will eventually get to where I want to be. I'm just trusting in Him now and letting go. Letting go is hard when your used to being in control.
I like plans, I enjoy structure. Trusting God means no plans and no structure, then again so does the military. You would think I was used to this by now! Funny sense of humor our Lord.

Whether He moves us from here to there and everywhere in between, it's all up to Him. There is always a reason, no matter what. Fourth of July is coming up and that is one holiday I enjoy celebrating with my husband. I am so proud of him and his selflessness towards our Country. I am so happy he will teach our son what it means to be a patriot as well. A God following patriot. We need more of those, you know?

I thank the Lord everyday for all of my blessings. He has blessed me abundantly and I praise Him.

Happy fourth everyone,

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