12:29pm. That's the time currently and Eli has been asleep for just over an hour. We will see how long i have to do a blog post until he wakes up. GO!

It has been such a struggle at night time lately, nurse him to sleep only to have him wake up 20  minutes later. Ugh. Then he stays up and doesn't go back to sleep until almost midnight. It's been like this since our vacation to Washington in June. I think something in his little body turned upside down, inside out, something. We are working on changing that. Been working on moving up the time he wakes up in the morning. He's been waking up at ten in the morning to ten-thirty. Yesterday I woke him up at nine-thirty and today at nine. We will see if that helps reset his clock. I'm going to work on his six month post (somehow) and post all those fun photos of him. In the mean time i'll post some iPhone photos to hold you over.
We've starting doing baby led weaning, which is an approach to food without the normal purees. It has been awesome! No purees, no feeding him and no fuss! He loves it and so do we. The biggest question we get is, "Does he choke?" The answer to that is actually pretty simple, babies are used to sucking things back, milk and pacifier for example. They have a gag reflex, like you and I that turns on before it gets to choking. Just like when you stick your toothbrush too far back in your mouth when brushing. This reflex lets them know, 'that piece is too big and not ready to be swallowed, suck on it a bit more and try again'. Eli eats chicken off the bone, fish, carrots, salad and various fruits with no teeth. Yeah, we are still working on those. It takes him longer to break it down in his mouth, but it actually works better because he is able to feel the texture of it and decide if he likes it or not. We've recently discovered he doesn't like bananas, which makes total sense because I would throw up immediately after having one when I was pregnant with him. Baby led weaning has also been linked to kids not being obese, they are able to better gage when they are full, rather than babies that are puree fed, because of the simple fact it takes our stomach time to catch up to everything we have put in it before we get the signal saying, 'full'.
 It's been an interesting journey and we LOVE seeing him try new things and seeing his reaction to it.
The biggest selling point for us to try it was when we asked ourselves,

"What did people do without blenders?"

I understand it's not for everyone and that's totally fine. Do what works for your family and what you think is best. This works for us really well and I'll continue to post on our journey with it. If you want any more information on it, I suggest to purchase the book and look into it.
Nizmo & Eli best friends at the table'

Caught! Feeding the dog avocado.

What did you say? You like apricots too?
Bath time. 

12:56pm. How did I get so lucky?

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  1. I LOVED doing BLW with kenny! It seemed like I was the only one around doing it at the time, and now I see more and more parents doing this and I love it! Kenny's introduction to food went so smoothly and fun and we honestly have yet to have any sort of scary choking experiences! (knocking on wood now! haha)

    He looks so adorable nomming out with Nizmo next to him waiting for a tasty morsel =p

    Hopefully you guys can get the sleeping stuff figured out soon =/ Good luck my bleary eyed friend! It WILL get better, but hoping for it to happen for you ASAP!


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