Six months. 
Goodness this is going by faster than I thought. I'm so blessed to be able to enjoy every minute of it, even through all the frustrations and battles. I've talked about our bed time struggle. Last night was probably the hardest night of all. It took in the upwards of three and a half hours to get him down. Nothing we did made him happy, no shushing, rocking, nursing, holding, hugging and even crying would put him to sleep. It was HARD.

I won't lie, if putting him to sleep is the hardest thing we encounter as parents, then I am happy with that. I'm afraid of him getting bigger and making choices. I'm afraid of the world hurting him. But isn't that what being a parent is? Going through the struggles of night time, sleepless nights, tantrums and boo boo's, only to be faced with struggles of pre-teens and high school problems? As much as I tell myself to stop and enjoy this time, it's still going by much to fast for my liking. I don't have a choice, he's only half a year old and one day he will be an adult. One day he will have a significant other. One day, he won't sleep under the same roof as me. One day...

One day is coming too fast. I don't like it and that's a fact.

Everyday we are in awe of how fast he grows. He can roll over, scoot around and he's starting to sit up. Still no teeth yet. I've decided his teeth are playing the ultimate game of 'peek-a-boo'. One day he will be teething a whole bunch, drooling, fussy, sleeping a lot and the teeth look like they are just about to pop through. Then the next day, poof, happy baby, no teeth. Oh my child.

One day this little boy will be a man. I hope and pray he takes on the same morals as his father and is as gentle, kind and loving as him as well. I am such a lucky woman to be surrounded with the amount of love in our household. Happy husband, healthy baby and the best snoring dog around. Jesus has truly blessed me. Thank you.

I feel like this post was so sappy! Gosh, six months and your mother is already a mess. What am I going to do at your graduation? Or wedding? Alright, enough of that. 
Happy Monday everyone!


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