Mommy Wars

I try not to post anything super controversial because I feel that opens up my blog to debates sometimes and while I enjoy a good debate every now and then, I try to stay away from them simply because I can get snarky and snippy annnnnd turn into a complete be-atch. Yup I said it, I know myself. I figure as long as your not hurting your child and your making informed decisions for them, it's up to you as their parent.

In saying that, I am SO tired of these 'Mommy Wars' I've seen lately. Whether it's about breastfeed or formula, bed sharing, co sleeping or not, solids or puree's, organic or not, the list goes on and on and on. I'll start off by saying we bed share, try to eat as much organic & grass-fed meat as possible, we haven't vaccinated Eli, we cloth diaper and do a lot more 'crunchy' things as a family. That is the choice we have made for our family. We aren't endangering our child and we are making informed decisions, whether you like them or not.

With ready access to the media, bloggers, medical journals and opinions everyone can basically make decisions based off what they find. There is contradicting opinions and facts out there for everything. This is the reality of today. Yes we do believe organic is best and chemicals are bad, I can pull out facts to show you, but it's up to you on whether you want to eat that way or believe it.
Rather then judge each other on whether she's not doing this or why would she do that, we should encourage and uplift each other. Not tear one another down! On my facebook I post and share things that pertain to our lives, whether that is faith, vaccinations, breastfeeding, etc. I'm not posting it to say,
                                                                 "I'm right, your wrong."

I'm posting it to share with others what we are doing. If they have offended you or made you feel like a bad mom or parent, please forgive me that was not my intention. Just like this blog is my thoughts, my facebook is my wall of me. I won't lie, I am 'crunchy' or hippie or whatever the modern day term is for it. We do try our best to give our child what we feel is best and safest for him. That is our choice for our family. Our situation may change and with that our decisions may change in the future, life is a constant learning process and we learn through mistakes and choices and their outcomes. This is reality.

In the end, your family is yours and my family is mine. Do what you feel is best for yours and I'll do what we feel is best for ours. Let's all agree to be the best we can be for our children, in saying that, lets show them love, humility and faith. Lets show them judgement, pointing fingers and anger is hurtful and not a Jesus-like attitude.


  1. Great blog and very well put Ana! There is so much judgement out there and it makes me so sad.. don't we all have the same goal in mind, what we feel is best for our children? That's all it comes down to! <3


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