Nine months big boy! Whoa. Too fast. On your ninth month one of your top teeth decided to finally break through! Wahoo! Your sleep has been irregular the past couple weeks and now we know why. You've been so great with Mommy not feeling good Eli, when I have a headache it's almost as if you know. Some days are better then others, but overall you rock kid. I love you bunches!

You walk with your walker more confidently everyday, which leads me to think you will be walking sometime next month. Stop. Growing. Up. I'm not the only one who tells you this, your aunties do and grandparents. We mean it, now stop. I wish it was so simple. Just yesterday I put you in a size twelve month jammies, they were stretching at the seams to fit! Your breaking my heart kid every time we have to move you up a size. Speaking of size, we had to move you to 12-18 month clothes because of your length and big head. We couldn't get your noggin through the shirt holes of the 9-12 month stuff. 

For Halloween this year we are going as a stick figure family. Yup, you read it correctly, stick figure family. You can see Eli eating part of his costume above.

He moved too fast for me to get a good shot of it. 
We will be just like the family stick figures you see on the back of car windows. 

Oh mom! Where do you come up with this stuff?

I love you my little nugget. Do me a favor, stop eating dog food now that you can belly scoot yourself across the room and no, the dogs water bowl is not a pool. This is why we have gotten a fancy baby gate. Also, your brother may lose weight now that his bowl is on the INSIDE of the gate. Poor dog. Your always keeping mama on her toes Eli. I love to hate it, but more love it. Speaking of gates, we need one for the hallway now that you've discovered the bathroom. Anyone want to donate to our gate fund?
 I'll make sure to post a photo of the whole stick family. The dog isn't taking part of this because I'm not sure he'd appreciate duct tape on his fur and well, he enjoy eating things on him. Probably not a good idea. Happy haunting to everyone!

I'm done with this costume mom! Nom nom nom. 


Serendipity Chic Etsy

My shop has reopened selling vintage goodness. I decided to buy a few things and see how I do. I sold my first item just the other day! These beauties were sent all the way to Georgia!

They are salt and pepper shakers from pyrex! Love the gold bands on them. So art deco and mod. I'm a bit of a secret underground vintage junkie. My guest room is decorated completely vintage. I'll have to photograph it and post it on the blog. It's always a complete work in progress, but I love the way it's turning out. I'm slowly starting to really find my style. A bit modern and a lot vintage.

A few other pyrex goodness from my shop currently. If I had all the money in the world, I wouldn't have a shop. I wouldn't be selling this stuff. It would all be MINE. Buttttttttt Josh would kill me. So I have to try and turn a profit for my habit. That's okay, I'm happy to see them  all go to good homes.

Need a Christmas gift or tableware? Check come by and check out my shop! I'll be adding more stock soon. Thanks! That's my little shop plug for you.



The hubs has been pushing me for a date night. Even just an hour away from Eli. It's not I don't want to, it's I'm very hesitant about it. We move around a lot (duh.). It seems right about the time I would get comfortable to leave my dog with someone (not even child) we have to pick up and move. Which is fine, I really do enjoy the new-ness of places. But leaving my baby with someone I've known for less then a year. Yeah, that's a tough one.

Josh is a very trusting person and that's very honorable for his personality. I'm not a trusting person. I immediately go to the, "what if..." This isn't because I want to, it's from past experience. But I won't talk about that, it's not something I ever want to talk about here. Let's just say past experience has taught me never to trust fully. I'm talking about new people. This may come as insulting, but if you knew about it, you wouldn't judge.

So what do I do about date nights? Do we only do date nights around our family when we visit? Do I try to trust? I don't know, but it's something I'm wrestling with a lot right now. Why does God allow bad things to happen to kids? I have a lot of why's and what if's in my mind swirling around when the subject of date nights is brought up. It becomes very hard to connect and I tend to just shut down. On the outside I listen and respond, but on the inside I tell myself nope, no way, no how, not going to happen. A knot slowly turns in my stomach even when I drop off my son at Sunday school. He's surrounded by many kids and adults, I know nothing bad is going to happen, but the knot turns tighter and tighter. I often can not concentrate on the sermon. If the Sunday school was in the same building as our service I would be checking on him often. But it's not. So I trust and I pray. I hope God cares for him and his needs because I'm not sure what my reaction would be if he didn't.


Plans Change

We all tend to have similar plans, right? Grow up, move out, school of some sort, career, marriage, family, kids, grandkids, death. Sometimes things move around and waiver, but I think we could all agree our plans tend to be around the same lines as those, correct?

Well, what happens when your plans don't go as predicted? This past year has taught me never to chance tomorrow. I'm not talking live in a bubble and never have fun, more along the lines of, putting my son in his car seat correctly every time, cherishing every moment, living every day to the fullest and loving until your heart breaks type of chances. We can be the safest drivers ever, but the person in the lane next to you may be texting or the family member you were just talking to suddenly has a health scare. Remember our plans are not ours, they will always be His.

 A friend of mine went into preterm labor earlier this year and gave birth to her son, only to have him pass away moments later. Another photographer I've loved's four year old niece had an unknown heart condition and slowly passed away while taking a bath. A great friend of mine lost her father only hours after giving birth to her son. These are the moments I'm talking about, the moments we can not predict. The moments our 'emergency plans' don't cover.

How do you respond when your plans don't go as planned? On the day my friend's son was due, she requested all of us honor him by releasing a balloon. I don't know why the happy face balloon caught my eye, but it seemed to attract me more than all the others. After bringing it home it only seemed reasonable to have our son release it. Almost like a baby telling another, "It's ok."

We waited and we waited until he let go and then we watched it float away into the sky. To be honest with you, I'm not sure how I would respond when my plans didn't go as I thought they would. Anger, sadness, hurt...just a few emotions I'm sure I would feel. My question to myself would be, would I fall away from my faith? Would I draw closer? What would I do? 

I would never wish anything bad on anyone. The only thing I would ask of you is remember to keep in mind the new person you may meet may be going through something, so remember to be compassionate, merciful and loving. Life is so dearly precious. Live each day as if you may not get another.

P.S. This is the Sister in Law of the photographer I admire's blog I now follow. For Vienne.


Fall is Falling.

What is better then pumpkins and a pile of leaves this time of year? Oh yeah, a child that is not teething or fussy, that's what. Eli's starting to push his top two teeth in and it's been rough going around here. We went from waking two times a night to just about every dang hour. Blech. Nursing is comforting to him in his sleep and that's fine, but he is so restless! I think Josh and I may end up on the floor one night with how much he moves. I will probably miss the time when he's in our bed, but definitely not during the teething stages.
Little boy is currently laying in his crib awake. I put him down for his nap just twenty minutes ago. Nice try kid, nice try. At least he's not crying, just blubbering to himself, ba ba ba ba pfffffff ba ba ba.

We played in a pile of leaves yesterday. I may take some and use them as fall decor throughout the house, cheapest fall decorations ever. Love it.

 This little boy loved the texture (and taste) of the leaves. It was all so new and exciting to him. I love how he discovers the world around him. It reminds me of the innocence of children and how our faith should be like theirs. Why does my son raise his arms up for me when I'm near him? Faith. He has faith and trust that I will pick him up and care for his needs. He knows mama fixes things. Christ fixes things too, he fixed our way to heaven by dying for us. He picks us up when we are down. He is my safety net I fall into when the world lets me fall. Faith takes courage and courage takes faith. Without either of those our life is nothing.

Luke 10:20
Rejoice that your names are written in heaven.
That verse is so important to me. Are you afraid of dying? Why are you afraid? Is it because of the unknown? Maybe you don't believe, but my faith gives me comfort that I will be in heaven one day. Maybe your excuse is, "I'm not worthy." Well take comfort in the fact I am not either. I shouldn't be going to heaven when I die. I'll admit it. I've lied, stolen, been an all around terrible person. The beauty of Christ is he says, 
"None of that matters. Come to me. I've already taken care of it. Come to me. You lied and he murdered. Come to me. I will wipe your slate clean. I will hold you. Come to me."

Who doesn't want this? Who doesn't want to take comfort in the fact that we are going to heaven as sinners? Everyone has the same title here. And that's OKAY. 
  My atheist or non-religious friends may disagree and that's okay. The beauty of Christ is He gave us the freedom to choose right and wrong. While I may disagree with you, in the end my faith and my relationship with my Lord matters. I will continue to tell you what I believe in and why, that's my job as a Christ follower. It is your choice to follow Him or not.

John 14:6
"Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Whether you choose to accept His offer or not, please keep an open mind about it. 

With that, I have to go put a baby back down to nap. Thanks for listening to my blubbering.
Ba ba ba ba ba pfffff ba ba ba ba ba...MAMAMAMAMA! 


McCall Ya Later!

Alright that may be a little cheesy. But who doesn't like a good piece of cheese? See what I did right there? I'm a jokester. Yup.

We took a weekend trip up to McCall, Idaho which is beautiful around this time of year. I'm surprised it's not busier. The fall leaves and colors look just like a painting up there. It was just the getaway we needed. Just us and the babe.

Our little monkey is the happiest ever (when he's not fussy). I think we've finally figured out a good solution to teething. Amber necklace and boiron homeopathy. He's been great this time around. He's pushing his top teeth in and it seems to be harder for him, his gums are a lot more irritated and bleedy. Poor bub.

I think we've pretty much decided to go back to McCall for their annual winter festival which includes famous ice sculptures and snow. Have I ever mentioned how much I love snow. Winter is my favorite season, I love the cold, the snow and lack of greenery. I don't dislike the other seasons, but winter holds a special spot in my heart.

So it's looking like my sinus issues are coming back from the dead. My headaches/migraines have started back up again and it is not fun. I'm hoping for good news from the ENT specialist next week, but I have a feeling it won't be great. It's a little too soon for my comfort, less then two and a half years from sinus surgery and I'm having issues all over again. Lame. 

That's about all the updates I have for now. I've got to tend to a needy little boy. 



I forgot to blog about Eli's seventh month of life, so this is a double post. Including month seven and eight. He's growing too fast for me to keep up!

His personality has really started to shine through. He loves to get up using our fingers and walk where HE wants. He starts to get frustrated if we don't walk with him in the direction he would like. I love seeing who he is come out. So far he is determined, loving and definitely stubborn and I love him to pieces.

He has started to point to things, specifically food and my boob, which is of course still food. I have one silly boy I tell ya!

There is nothing more I enjoy then seeing him grow everyday. He continues to surprise us with his affection and love. The more we think he is unaware, the next moment he is starring right at us like he knows our next move. This kid, I tell ya!

He loves to keep me on my toes for sure. His current favorite things are the baby banana teether. We keep getting compliments on it too. Loves going for walks in his stroller and seeing everything, we can hand him a toy but he pays no attention to it, taking in the world is so much more fun.

I just love him. He makes me so happy. His infections smile and witty personality.